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May 31, 2003


found this this morning, shannen and i got a kick out of it. long live the assboat!

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May 29, 2003

tomorrow: real last day of work

i went to the temp agencies and they were ready to send me out immediately for a buck fifty more and hour, so i said to the bosses at the old folks home that i was leaving. they have so much filing and random work that needs doing, but won't pay for some inexpensive employee to do it. meanwhile they have an administrator and soon an assistant administrator that do fucking nothing, they go outside and smoke then talk about their shoes. that's what you get working for corporations though, i knew that coming in.
i will miss the most the altzheimers patients, so amazing and sad and humorous, today this lady told me that she's been trying to get ahold of her family for weeks, but that family is "slippery as fish. you get them and they slip away, you can't nail them down." profound. then she asked for the 400000th time where the exit was. i feel the worst for her, she asks the social worker every day what's wrong with her memory, the moments of lucidity must be terrifying.
temping should be interesting if nothing else.
fall silent is playing tomorrow, excited for that. drew called a few times, good to talk to him, it will be rad when he comes down to climb and drink and screw around.

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May 26, 2003

fotoshop excellence

check out these crappy stores.

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free trip to israel!

applying for a free trip to bike around israel and see the country, for an additional 50 bucks they will let you extend you ticket for up to a few months i think. not sure i'll be able to do this this summer, gonna apply anyways. it would be cool to get to see ran, he's going to tel aviz university, sounds like he's doing well, tells me the new radiohead record rules. i believe it.

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May 21, 2003

more time at the job, plus a choice

so i'm gonna be working in the business office for a few days, then at human resources for a few weeks. it's good, i'll save money. my dad, stepmom and i had lunch today, we talked about how human resources has little to do with looking out for the employees, that it instead is all about protecting management from employee problems. i'm never met an HR person i've liked.
anyways, i'll be done soon. trying to find a way to get the money to do the entire 2,400 dollar course in arizona, i have recently found myself interested in judicial interpreting, i think i could be helpful to the community doing that as much as in a medical setting.
after that, i was planning some more work, but some fun too, including maybe buying a car with aaron and heading to mexico for the wto meeting in cancun. the mexicans are getting fucked as much as anyone by the corporate serving wto, and the protests should be easily to seattle scale. dawn is talking about doing some documentary stuff down there, and if we have a car we'll be able to cruise around much more easily. plus i love mexico and want to go back all the time.
the other option is, the excellent sounding medical interpreting course in santa rosa, which will be held during the same days, which sucks, and which i hadn't realized. i just ordered a medical interpreting workbook off the internet, and the arizona course should have some solid info, but i'm still on the fence. i'm sure either choice will be good. i'm emailing the santa rosa course to find out when the next session will be held.
in other news, the band against me! is the best band in the world. i still think about when they played we laugh at danger and break all the rules, how loud i sang along with everyone else, how perfect that moment was.

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May 19, 2003

my job ends wednesday...

which was a little surprising, since it was supposed to last until i left for arizona. i can stay on doing filing for human resources, but the lady who runs human resources is disliked by pretty much everyone else who works there, for good reason.
i will have sufficient for the course in arizona with my last paycheck and what i've earned so far, but not much else. so if i don't give in to whim and hitch out east to see aaron buskirk graduate from college (that won't happen even though i want it to so much), i'll be job hunting like a mofo. daveo said i can get on at copelands, the idea of which made my brother steve tell me, "dan, oh no." it would be for 5 weeks so that ain't so much, but it's nights and weekends. i think i'm gonna be making a little trip down to the temp agency tomorrow to see what they can do, otherwise you might see me selling tents to car camping people at copelands in the mall. oh yeah, the idea of working in the mall is bad.
i'm also excited. more time to sell my blood plasma. hehe.

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May 17, 2003

exactly a year since i graduated

went to the graduation to watch shanny, dawn, owen and some others graduate. it got me to thinking, about all that i've done since i graduated. been to alaska, traveled a ton, read a lot of books. it's been a good year.
i'm heading over the dawn's for her fabled vegan food grad party, hope i can find a ride and don't have to haul my own ass out there on my bike. speaking of bikes, had my first crash since i've been back, it was an easy one, when i was coming back from rockclimbing i didn't have the strength to pull the brakes while coming down a hill and fell over, skinning my knee and elbow. not so bad, the nurses at work gave me triple antibiotic cream. i'm realizing that if i had the money, i'd prolly do that entire course in arizona, just cause being a court interpreter would be easy in many places, though it doesn't interest me as much, but truly, i just want to be able to help anyone out with my spanish. we'll see.
andrea adams is back from chile, makes me excited for steve to get back, he's in uraguay right now, sounds amazing.
check out these band name movies, good stuff from somethingawful.
oh yeah, ran into jen delago at the blue lamp last night, the atomiks were in excellent form, apparently she's getting married. congrats, jen.

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May 15, 2003

Against Me!

so went and saw against me! at the coffee shop my friend vegan joe works at tonight, best show i've seen in ages, prolly since i saw mates of state in flagstaff last october. so amazing, everyone rocked out and we all sang along and tried to lose our voices. wish i would have had money to go see them in berkeley last sat. night, i was broke then. now i'm saving, hinted to the head administrator about maybe upping my pay wage, we'll see how quick that gets ignored.
on the ride home i stopped at the unr dorm dumpsters, since the students are all purging their rooms and heading home. i found a perfectly good uniden 900 Mhz portable telephone, so nice, trying to convince myself to see it on ebay, and a telephone with a cord, a medium quality bike messenger bag, a jansport style backpack, a laundry hamper, a crappy pair of doc martins i can sell on ebay, and some other small crap. the hard part was riding home on my bike all loaded down, gonna go back tomorrow with daveo and load up, the people who worked there didn't seem to care that i was digging through the refuse, which was rad cause in years past they've had a problem, for some retarded reason.
anyways, it will be cool to get some rad free stuff to sell on ebay.

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May 12, 2003

interpreting courses i will do

this course looks good, better then the complete one i was planning to do in arizona, instead i will do a week of the one in arizona, then the better one in september after burningman. combine that with completing this medical interpreting coursebook, and i should be on my way to getting my skillset in order.
it feels weird to have direction.

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May 09, 2003

holy excellent

my buddy owen pointed this one out to me, first watch the unedited version, then the spiced up one.
gotta go to work now, sucks. if spring would come to reno and it wouldn't be snowing in the middle of may that would be nicer.

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May 07, 2003

a good link, plus weird webpage traffic

here's the link, it's from somethingawful so you know it's worth wasting your time on.
also, have recently received some weird comments on this site, the newest swearing at me about something i posted about ravers a while ago. the thought of people who don't even know me going through my archives is neat, but really weird. don't you think?

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May 03, 2003

altzheimers unit at work: completely surreal

so the most interesting unit that i have to file on is the altzheimers locked unit. everytime i step through the accordian door behind the nursing counter, it's like entering the land that sanity forgot. here's a description of something i saw on friday.
so one of the nursing assistants is leading an old white haired women, let's call her beatrice, to the shower by the hand. now on this unit there are always residents milling about, wandering up and down the hall. the average age of these patients is younger then the rest of the medical center, so they're more likely to be mobile. anyways, there's an old man, let's call him robert, shuffling along behind the nursing assistant and the old lady. as they shuffle past the nurses desk, the nurse sitting there says, "where are you going robert?" he looked up, confused, naturally, and the nurse said, "beatrice is going to have a shower. but you already had your shower today." he replies, bewildered, "i did?" "yes you did," the nurse tells him, "an hour ago. you're clean as a whistle." quick as a bug he snaps to her, "well blow me."
more later.

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