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May 21, 2003

more time at the job, plus a choice

so i'm gonna be working in the business office for a few days, then at human resources for a few weeks. it's good, i'll save money. my dad, stepmom and i had lunch today, we talked about how human resources has little to do with looking out for the employees, that it instead is all about protecting management from employee problems. i'm never met an HR person i've liked.
anyways, i'll be done soon. trying to find a way to get the money to do the entire 2,400 dollar course in arizona, i have recently found myself interested in judicial interpreting, i think i could be helpful to the community doing that as much as in a medical setting.
after that, i was planning some more work, but some fun too, including maybe buying a car with aaron and heading to mexico for the wto meeting in cancun. the mexicans are getting fucked as much as anyone by the corporate serving wto, and the protests should be easily to seattle scale. dawn is talking about doing some documentary stuff down there, and if we have a car we'll be able to cruise around much more easily. plus i love mexico and want to go back all the time.
the other option is, the excellent sounding medical interpreting course in santa rosa, which will be held during the same days, which sucks, and which i hadn't realized. i just ordered a medical interpreting workbook off the internet, and the arizona course should have some solid info, but i'm still on the fence. i'm sure either choice will be good. i'm emailing the santa rosa course to find out when the next session will be held.
in other news, the band against me! is the best band in the world. i still think about when they played we laugh at danger and break all the rules, how loud i sang along with everyone else, how perfect that moment was.

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