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May 19, 2003

my job ends wednesday...

which was a little surprising, since it was supposed to last until i left for arizona. i can stay on doing filing for human resources, but the lady who runs human resources is disliked by pretty much everyone else who works there, for good reason.
i will have sufficient for the course in arizona with my last paycheck and what i've earned so far, but not much else. so if i don't give in to whim and hitch out east to see aaron buskirk graduate from college (that won't happen even though i want it to so much), i'll be job hunting like a mofo. daveo said i can get on at copelands, the idea of which made my brother steve tell me, "dan, oh no." it would be for 5 weeks so that ain't so much, but it's nights and weekends. i think i'm gonna be making a little trip down to the temp agency tomorrow to see what they can do, otherwise you might see me selling tents to car camping people at copelands in the mall. oh yeah, the idea of working in the mall is bad.
i'm also excited. more time to sell my blood plasma. hehe.

Posted by bendan at May 19, 2003 06:14 PM

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