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June 30, 2003

my stepsister sarah

here are some fancy senior fotos of sarah, shannen and i like the one next to the tree best.

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June 26, 2003

highly ineffective ads

the first two pages are quite good, then it gets kinda dumb.

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June 25, 2003

a new car..no wait, a used beat to hell one

plunked 400 bucks into daveo's hand, and drove away with his old red toyota camry, circa late 80's. feels so weird to have a car, i can't tell you. it has some interesting features, including a superloose clutch, though i'm certain the clutch will make it to arizona and back. also, the back doors don't open from the outside, reverse kidnapper style, and the drivers door window don't go up or down without a hand assisting it. still, for 400 bucks, a good enough deal.
now if i only had money to register it. hehe.

one thing, this is temporary, the me having a car thing. for real.

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June 24, 2003

11 days till i go to arizona

signed up and paid for the medical part of the interpreter course i'm doing, when i get there if i find a good place to stay and the program looks worth it, i might take a loan and stay for the judicial part as well, not sure yet, money is extremely tight. today or tomorrow i'm buying daveo's car from him, the badass toyota camry. i'll be rolling down to arizona in that machine, then plan to do some west coasting towards idaho and oregon to visit drew. drew actually just headed out the door, he was down for about a week, good times man, makes me bummed we don't live in the same city. did some climbing, some slingshot paintball in which i nailed his inner thigh twice in the same spot (hehe), and some drinking. good fun.
since i'm not doing so well on money i've taken to selling books i have on ebay, not so much of a bummer, since what usually happens is that i lend my books to folks and never see them again. this time, i get some bucks for it.
been mountain biking like a madman with daveo, who lately has had a hair up his ass, and tears up the trails not even breaking a sweat. i could write my laggin off to my single speed bike, but that's just excuses. i should whoop ass on steve when he gets back from being bikeless in santiago, at least for a few weeks. it'll be a first.
drew and i could work for the irs. hehe.

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June 17, 2003

links galore

a fear of mine.
i've managed to not pay any attention to the laci peterson media circus, but i found this link on memepoo,l and it's so weird and laughter inducing, i had to link it. hope you have speakers.
last but not least, the french have found a unique way to deal with their striking garbage workers. as my old boss mark would say, the fucking french.

p.s. temping sucks.

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June 14, 2003

temp slave

so my temp job which was supposed to go till next thursday ended yesterday, which means no more having to ride my bike to shitty soulless south reno, but also that i am again not working. i called the temp agency and they said maybe monday they'll have something for me. frustrating.
other then that, very happy, spring is ruling, plus drew might be coming down. and the atomiks play tonight!

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June 08, 2003

good links

first an article about what possible repercussions could await george "not my president" bush, now that all his leave no doubt statements about weapons of mass destruction are turning out to be so much posturing and lies. this article is good cause it includes in chronological order a list of his statements, then goes on to talk about the severity this gross misconduct could reap on bush. personally, i get excited to hear words like "impeachment," but then i think about the political climate in the country, and it seems like it could be hard for us to toss bush out, or bust his ass like it so richly deserves. it's pretty obvious that there are no weapons of mass destruction, it was vendetta decisionmaking and neo colonialism.
and then there's the other side, when you say "isn't it better in iraq now?" and perhaps in some ways it is. but then we look at afghanistan and the mess we've left it, with the taliban regrouping and our gov't already looking on towards iran or korea or canada or wherever. i had a talk with my old professor mark about this a while back, about bush's domino effect of democracy, and more and more it seems like colonial bullshit. i hope bush burns for this, i want to make some reference about biblical burning bushes but can't come up with anything.
ok, the other link is to an old favorite, i'm putting this up cause the second fast and furious rice car movie just came out. it's called riceboypage.

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the good life

this weekend i went mountain biking, hung out with shannen a ton, went swimming, gave cinnamon rolls to homeless folks and crust punks, had beers with my old buddies from highschool, had dinner with pops, and played slingshot paintball with rockclimbing buddies.
tomorrow i go back to my temp slave job, a chipper 35 minute commute to south reno, through the cookie cutter subdivisions and weird post modern architecture of the warehouses. i get to pack boxes and shit like that for 9 an hour, the best part being talking to the el salvadorians and mexicans who work there.
don't know the name of it, but that song with the line "everybody's working for the weekend," well i feel like that's me. i climb during the week and cool shit as well, but mainly it's work. not used to that feeling. guess i'll have to be eventually. not yet though, not yet.

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June 03, 2003

my kind of priest, and other neat links

good old danes, check out this priest. what would garrison keillor do?
some folks in maine had the same idea that i did. at unr after the kids fled the dorms, i found: a camera tripod (soon to be listed on ebay), 2 backpacks, a white pair of doc martins, 2 telephones that worked perfectly, a bowling shirt, and some lame wraparound sunglasses that i've already lost.
corporate mofo had some superwanky philosophical interpretation of the matrix a few weeks ago, but this funnyarticle about getting on a reality court show makes up for it.

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