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May 15, 2003

Against Me!

so went and saw against me! at the coffee shop my friend vegan joe works at tonight, best show i've seen in ages, prolly since i saw mates of state in flagstaff last october. so amazing, everyone rocked out and we all sang along and tried to lose our voices. wish i would have had money to go see them in berkeley last sat. night, i was broke then. now i'm saving, hinted to the head administrator about maybe upping my pay wage, we'll see how quick that gets ignored.
on the ride home i stopped at the unr dorm dumpsters, since the students are all purging their rooms and heading home. i found a perfectly good uniden 900 Mhz portable telephone, so nice, trying to convince myself to see it on ebay, and a telephone with a cord, a medium quality bike messenger bag, a jansport style backpack, a laundry hamper, a crappy pair of doc martins i can sell on ebay, and some other small crap. the hard part was riding home on my bike all loaded down, gonna go back tomorrow with daveo and load up, the people who worked there didn't seem to care that i was digging through the refuse, which was rad cause in years past they've had a problem, for some retarded reason.
anyways, it will be cool to get some rad free stuff to sell on ebay.

Posted by bendan at May 15, 2003 01:38 AM

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