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May 29, 2003

tomorrow: real last day of work

i went to the temp agencies and they were ready to send me out immediately for a buck fifty more and hour, so i said to the bosses at the old folks home that i was leaving. they have so much filing and random work that needs doing, but won't pay for some inexpensive employee to do it. meanwhile they have an administrator and soon an assistant administrator that do fucking nothing, they go outside and smoke then talk about their shoes. that's what you get working for corporations though, i knew that coming in.
i will miss the most the altzheimers patients, so amazing and sad and humorous, today this lady told me that she's been trying to get ahold of her family for weeks, but that family is "slippery as fish. you get them and they slip away, you can't nail them down." profound. then she asked for the 400000th time where the exit was. i feel the worst for her, she asks the social worker every day what's wrong with her memory, the moments of lucidity must be terrifying.
temping should be interesting if nothing else.
fall silent is playing tomorrow, excited for that. drew called a few times, good to talk to him, it will be rad when he comes down to climb and drink and screw around.

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