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May 03, 2003

altzheimers unit at work: completely surreal

so the most interesting unit that i have to file on is the altzheimers locked unit. everytime i step through the accordian door behind the nursing counter, it's like entering the land that sanity forgot. here's a description of something i saw on friday.
so one of the nursing assistants is leading an old white haired women, let's call her beatrice, to the shower by the hand. now on this unit there are always residents milling about, wandering up and down the hall. the average age of these patients is younger then the rest of the medical center, so they're more likely to be mobile. anyways, there's an old man, let's call him robert, shuffling along behind the nursing assistant and the old lady. as they shuffle past the nurses desk, the nurse sitting there says, "where are you going robert?" he looked up, confused, naturally, and the nurse said, "beatrice is going to have a shower. but you already had your shower today." he replies, bewildered, "i did?" "yes you did," the nurse tells him, "an hour ago. you're clean as a whistle." quick as a bug he snaps to her, "well blow me."
more later.

Posted by bendan at May 3, 2003 06:22 PM

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