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November 15, 2006

Back in Action

It's been about 2 and a half months since i shattered my collar bone. At my latest appointment with the surgeon from Reno fixed me up, he declared me as healed as I need to be to begin doing everything that i was doing before i was injured. Those things include mountain biking, rock climbing, and working as a courier. Needless to say, I'm relieved.
It's kind of weird to think about how these last 2 months have passed both very slowly and very quickly. It reminds me of my travels, of how when you begin traveling the days seem to creep by, but in a good way, because everything being experienced is brand new. then at the end of the trip you look back and it feels like it went by quickly, even with all the sensory overload.
i'm happy these days, and trying to figure out what to do next. this is normally the time of year i buy a plane ticket to a different continent, and i haven't done that yet. i don't think i will, i imagine i'll be bumping around the U.S. for a bit if i go anywhere.
I bought a new camera. i've been taking a bunch of photos and videos with it. i'll post some on here soon.

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