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October 20, 2006

my normal routine


so i'm healing very well. my next checkup is the 13 of november, at which time i'm hoping i get declared close to 100 percent recovered from my injury. the last time i spoke with my surgeon, he told me i could go back to doing all of my normal activities, except for rock climbing, mountain biking, and pushups. i told him that rock climbing and mountain biking are my normal activities. oh well, anyways it won't be long now before i'm all better. i've been doing some stretching and strengthening exercises, it's made me sore but i can feel my flexibility returning.

what else... hmm. oh, one of the the chickens that lives in our backyard died. is it called intestinal obstruction? or a blocked cloaca? anyways, here's a tribute video:

This last thursday i went to Tijuana, Mexico to participate, or more correctly observe, an Encuentro with the Zapatista Otra Campana tour. It involved listening to people speak all day about what they hoped for with the latest development in the struggle of The Zapatistas. it was very inspiring. I felt priviledged to hear all the people speak so passionately about their own struggles, and when subcomandante Marcos came out and talked I was very impressed with his eloquence, humility, and tenacity. I went with my old housemate Simon and his new housemate Dan, who quickly became a new friend of mine. all in all, a very good trip.

here are some photos from Tijuana:




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October 06, 2006


I finally broke down and got a cell phone. actually i already had it, a month ago my good friend owen had mailed me up a spare one he kicking around. anyways, i finally turned it on and joined the rest of the 21st century. apparently 203 million americans had cell phones as of march of this year. and more then 2 billion people have them worldwide. it feels weird to think that i'll have one for the rest of my life, or until society collapses. it also feels weird that i signed a one year contract. does that mean i won't be going on any extended trips abroad for one year? i hope not.
anyways, 415 680 5423.

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October 02, 2006

I'm bionic


so i'm in reno. just had my first follow up visit with my surgeon, and it went well. he took xrays, and his asst. pulled all the sutures out of the surgical wound. she said that i healed very fast, so fast that my skin had grown over some of the sutures, and she had to dig them out. not so pleasant. I'm gonna have a wicked scar.


the doctor said it appeared to be healing well, and that i'd be back to 100 percent by thanksgiving. he said that i could begin road biking again in a week or two, but that mountain biking and messengering were still out of the question for at least a month. He said that some people try and rush there recovery too much and end up hurting themselves again, so i'm not gonna go crazy with road riding. I might do a short loop to Marin sometime next week though. anyone wanna come along?

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