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December 21, 2006

Photos tell a story

Here are some photos I've taken over the last few months. I fear I've been lax at updating this blog. It's so much easier to write on it when i'm traveling. anyways, here's some photos.

bears waiting for the bus.

I bought a new camera.

my basque friends came to visit.

Exploring the abandoned waterfront warehouses.

Thanksgiving in Reno. good times, lots of drinks.

stream between boca and stampede reservoirs up in the Sierra Nevadas near Reno.

seafoam at Ocean Beach in SF.

Peter's going away party. He moved back to England, but probably only for 3 months.

Downtown SF by night.

View of SF from the air. I flew to Portland to visit Drew and meet up with Steven.

we went cross country skiing.

Steve and I cross country skiing.

Andrew and Etta cross country skiing.

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December 10, 2006

Things I'm proud of

Recently i saw a list someone had made, a list of the things they were proud of. it inspired me to make my own list. man i love lists. here goes:

Things I am proud of

I’m proud when native Spanish speakers ask me where I’m from and I tell them to guess, and my spanish accent has them guessing countries other then the United States, countries like Spain or Chile.

I’m proud when I talk to people who are passing their twenties in careers, and when they ask me what I do I tell them I’ve spent the last 4 years traveling and doing exactly what I want.

I’m proud when I’m riding my bike around SF and I come across a snotty spandexed roadie who doesn’t smile or acknowledge my presence at all, because I drop them nothing going up the hills, even though my city bike only has one gear.

I’m proud of my efforts to have good relationships with my folks.

I’m proud that I am overcome by amazement when I look at clouds and sunsets and at the sky in general.

I’m proud that I have so many different plans for things to do next in my life that it’s nearly impossible do decide which to do first.

I’m proud that I don’t really go to bars in San Francisco anymore, not because I ever went too much and had a problem, but because it’s boring and I’m redirected my time to having meaningful conversations with new and old friends and exploring the city.

I’m proud of photos I’ve taken of the urban wasteland, which I find infinitely compelling.

I’m proud of the surgical scar on my right shoulder from when I broke my collarbone 3

months ago mountain biking in Marin. Not because I crashed, but because I do stuff.

I’m proud that as I still feel young, in the best way possible.

I’m proud that I’ve stayed true to what was important to me when I was younger, things like having bikes instead of cars, being vegan, dumpstering, never wasting time watching tv or worrying about buying fancy stuff I don’t really need, and still being a punk rock kid at heart.

I’m proud that when I finally get my settlement from the NYPD for getting arrested at the RNC in NY, part of it is going for skydiving lessons.

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