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August 29, 2005

small changes

Picture 108

so i'm not taking any classes this semester. i may try and take some next semester, but i'm not feeling like i want to commit to any 2 and a half year program. the decision weighed heavily on me, i think because a lot of my friends are going back to school and that made me feel pressured to do so as well. also, i'm 26, and i'm going to have to go back to school of some sort to develop a skillset that will allow me to earn enough money to do what i want to do in the future. that said, i'm not ready for that step yet, and since the pressure i was feeling was primarily from myself, i can recognize that i will do these big things when i'm ready to do them.

things here in SF are very fun. i am making a conscious effort to try and spend time with all of my different friends, and to make new ones. i've been back at my job messengering for a month, and the truth is i'm tiring of it, so this week i'm snooping around for a new job. though the idea of scoring a paralegal job or something of the sort is interesting, i have tenative plans to return to colombia to work on a writing project in january, so i'd probably be better to get a gig waitering or something like that, so that i can leave with fewer qualms.

getting used to being single again has been something i've thought about a lot during long solitary days riding my bike around the city. i think it's given me the opportunity to think a lot about who i am, what i want, and how much i can compromise right now.

andrew and his girl krista have been visiting since last friday, it's really nice to get to hang out. last weekend we explored some parts of the city that i'd never been to, including the 75 foot concrete slide on top of twin peaks. we also went up to the radio tower in the presidio and took some photos. megan came along all weekend, and it was funny to notice that all three of us were constantly photographing everything. i've turned into a documenter of my own life, and when before i had always railed against this, now i adopt it so easily. check out my flicker site for photos.

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August 22, 2005

question mark


i have no idea what i'm gonna do in the next couple of years. i am lucky to have so many options, but can't seem to decide on one, and then a bunch more pop up, making the decision harder.


you could say this is my office.

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August 09, 2005

Back on the Job


last wednesday my old dispatcher adam called me, saying that 2 people had quit and that he was offering me my old job back. i told him i'd be in the next day. that day i strapped a front brake on my bike, lubbed up the chain, and started eating a ton of food. when i was a messenger before i could never get enough to eat, and i fear this same problem will afflict me shortly.
i worked thursday, friday, and then today, and i must say, i'm pretty happy doing this job again. it's fairly nice weather, i'm getting back in shape, and i'm tearing around the city again, so things are good. i'm probably pleased with it cause i know it's temporary, so i know that after a month when i get bored i'll just find a new job.

this last weekend was chock filled with good times. first there was a party at vanessa's house, where there was ridiculous dancing, tons of nice booze, and the chance to snap some images of megan passed out on the couch.

IMG_0330 IMG_0332

then saturday my good friends aaron and bj had there commitment ceromony, aka the wooting. i really didn't know what to expect, but i admit that i was deeply moved and impressed with how it came out. they had invited bj's godfather to preside over the event, and he gave them ample time and room to express themselves about their love, their commitment, and about how important it was for them to continue to have their community in their lives to support them. they had obviously spent a great deal of time deciding what they could promise to each other, the general sentiment being that they would love and support each other and grow together, without any difficult promises about 'til death do us part.' seeing how all of their friends, including me a little, came together to cook all the food, transport all the wedding accoutrements, and make sure everything that needed to happen happened made me proud of the do it yourself ethic my community embodies. after seeing how original and personal everything was, it made me feel a little that normal weddings are much more routine.


IMG_0344 IMG_0354

check out megan's photos here, they are better then mine.

then saturday night there was another party, and sunday my friend Mols and went swimming at ocean beach to wash away the slight hangover from the night before. the swimming may become a ritual, with or without the hangovers.

today at work i did 32 tags, my personal best, and had no break between 8:30 am and 5:15pm. i'm exhausted, but i feel good. it's nice.

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August 02, 2005

SF my home


after 7 months of never being anywhere for longer then 12 days, it's both nice and slightly unnerving to be home in San Francisco. I'm settling back into my house, preparing to take the spanish/english bilingual fluency exam a week from friday, reconnecting with my friends, and looking for work. last friday, the day i arrived back in the city, i called my old dispatcher and asked if he had any openings, and he said he'd probably fire someone this week. it's tuesday, i'm gonna give him till friday and then i'll call again. part of me really misses messengering, but i know it will get boring again and the hours for my judicial interpreting classes won't jive with the 8:30 to 5:30 messengering schedule. still, i'd like to do it for a month or so, to get back into city riding shape, and to bolster my rapidly shrinking bank account.

here are some interesting things happening in the Bay Area in the coming weeks.

my friends aaron and bj are having a wooting, aka a modern hippie wedding. my role is the drunken photographer.

today, since it's first tuesday, i'm going to the SF MOMA for free.

i found this excellent wikipedia definition of Frank Chu, who's probably the craziest guy in town.

I paid for the pro account on Flickr, so now i can upload something ridiculous like 2 gigs a month of photos. i managed to misplace my transfer cable, so as soon as i borrow one i'll upload a bunch of images from the City.

I've been reading the SFist, and it makes me so excited to be back here. i'm heading out the door now to take my friend vanessa some medicine since she's sick, and then i'm going to the library to study, but it's hard to tear myself away from looking up bands and art to go see in the near future. it's great to be back, and i'm excited that so many friends are planning to come through and visit soon as well. we have plenty of floor space and couch space, so if anyone is coming through, let me know.

last thing, happy birthday to stepsister sarita, and continued well wishes to grandma dorothy on her recovery from surgery.

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