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August 29, 2005

small changes

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so i'm not taking any classes this semester. i may try and take some next semester, but i'm not feeling like i want to commit to any 2 and a half year program. the decision weighed heavily on me, i think because a lot of my friends are going back to school and that made me feel pressured to do so as well. also, i'm 26, and i'm going to have to go back to school of some sort to develop a skillset that will allow me to earn enough money to do what i want to do in the future. that said, i'm not ready for that step yet, and since the pressure i was feeling was primarily from myself, i can recognize that i will do these big things when i'm ready to do them.

things here in SF are very fun. i am making a conscious effort to try and spend time with all of my different friends, and to make new ones. i've been back at my job messengering for a month, and the truth is i'm tiring of it, so this week i'm snooping around for a new job. though the idea of scoring a paralegal job or something of the sort is interesting, i have tenative plans to return to colombia to work on a writing project in january, so i'd probably be better to get a gig waitering or something like that, so that i can leave with fewer qualms.

getting used to being single again has been something i've thought about a lot during long solitary days riding my bike around the city. i think it's given me the opportunity to think a lot about who i am, what i want, and how much i can compromise right now.

andrew and his girl krista have been visiting since last friday, it's really nice to get to hang out. last weekend we explored some parts of the city that i'd never been to, including the 75 foot concrete slide on top of twin peaks. we also went up to the radio tower in the presidio and took some photos. megan came along all weekend, and it was funny to notice that all three of us were constantly photographing everything. i've turned into a documenter of my own life, and when before i had always railed against this, now i adopt it so easily. check out my flicker site for photos.

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