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August 13, 2004

quit bragging

So I asked someone the other day, about whether I should be worried since life is so good right now, that it will bounce back the other direction. They told me not to worry about stuff like that. Good advice.
Its 2 on Friday. My sweatshirt sits on the floor next me, still smelling like campfire, the best smell in the world. Vanessa said it also smelled like bologna, which I guess she has somewhat of a point about, but it smells more like burned wood to me.
This week has been pretty much ridiculous. I finally have to work tonight, but the last time I worked was 6 days ago. Aaron quit his job on Tuesday, and since then he and I have pretty much been hanging out all the time, riding our bikes and rampaging around our house and the city. After he turned in his uniform to the messenger service, we headed down to the docks, and hung out with the wharf rats, as the hobos down there call themselves. I almost lost my favorite hat, the denim California one, but luckily I saved it without even having to jump into the murky and gross bay water. Of course I was carrying the water balloon launcher, so we got a homeless guy to help us fire water balloons at those bay cruisers that take people out to Alcatraz. We had one direct hit on the roof of one of the boats, but Old English was fouling our aim.
After that we went and kidnapped megan from her job, taking her to get burritos for her birthday and I carried her on my back through a waterfall fountain in the middle of the food court in the financial district. On the way out I wanted to carry aaron on my back with megan on his back, but she wasnt into it so I just carried aaron through the falls. Our day continued by visiting blaine at her work and dragging her to a bar in that district, but aaron got us kicked out of the bar before we could even order drinks because he was table diving French fries, and when the busboy came to take the plate away aaron grabbed some more fries off the plate in the busboys hand, saying here, Ill take those. Then we went and ate vegan cheese steaks that was spendy but good, and eventually I made my way to a fundraiser to send people to Reno to register voters. I may go on one of those trips in September, seems like a better way to get to Reno, a free trip and all.
So this whole week weve been interviewing housemates to fill aaron and kristys room. The whole process brought the entire house together for several hours a night, and it got me to thinking. I feel so very fortunate to live in this sort of a situation, sharing a house and having community with so many other people. I feel like I would be disappointed to go back to a traditional roommate situation, after having communal meals and people to talk with and share chores with and all the fun that comes with such a wide variety of people living together. Last night after a long talk we selected a girl named erin for the room, she just got back from organic farming in florida and is a bike punk, so even when buzzard and kristy leave therell be someone to go food scavenging for our house with at night. Stoked. Im also really pleased to get to know Kara, our second newest roommate, who moved in 3 weeks ago. So helped put on the Ladyfest festival, which was occupying all of her time, but now shes around more, which is rad. In a way she reminds me of lilly from back in the day, same funny dry delivery and good weirdnesses that we all like.
Not that I have any plans to or could even imagine doing so, but if I ever ended up living in reno again, I feel like I would want to set up a co-operative housing situation there for sure. I guess its something I always dreamed about when I did live there, but Id never seen one and how they can function. Now I know, and I think that town would benefit from stuff like this.
Aaron and I saw Open Water the other day, the movie about scuba diving and sharks. It had mediocre actors and mediocre dialogue, but the premise was really good I thought. Some of the shots when real sharks were swimming right underneath them and then the shots during the night when the lightning would flash and all you could hear were the characters screaming had me leaning forward in my seat. I also liked that it was filmed on digital cameras, inspiring to think how cheap it must have been to make.
So our friend Kelsey was in town the last 2 days. Aaron and I met Kelsey in Cancun, Mexico during the protests against the WTO. Kelsey has an amazing life, she works part time as an airline stewardess which means she can fly anywhere she wants. casually she refers to being in Europe a few weeks ago and then a few weeks ago before that, and of how shell come visit more cause her only cost is taking the BART from the airport to our house. For the rest of us, theres the costs of airline tickets to get anywhere, but not her. She also says funny and smart and strange things all the time, so it was cool to see her again. I think shes coming back through on Sunday night, intending to turn the vegan potluck were hosting at our house into a party. Well see how that works out, Im not against it.
so Aaron, Kristy and Matt got tickets to Lima, Peru for 340 dollars each. Those are one way tickets of course, meaning that once I meet up with them down there well have to figure a way back up to the states before our money runs completely out. I plan to hang out in SF at least until November then fly down and meet them at whatever organic farm they end up volunteering on. At times thinking of those impending adventures makes it mildly difficult to concentrate on whats going on now, but not really because things are so damn good here right now.
I dont believe Ive mentioned it, but Andrew Morton is flying down at the end of the month, and were gonna fly out to New York to protest against the Republican National Convention. The more I read about it the more excited I become, and a little nervous as well I must admit, it could be a huge and memorable event for our nation, in good ways and in bad ones as well. Im also excited to see New York, theres been talk of relocating there after getting back from South America, but in truth thats really way too far ahead to talk about. I think about that idea, and all my other plans, which include maybe moving to some other city in the east coast, riding my bike across the country, moving to Paris to learn French, getting training and becoming a more official interpreter, floating rafts down the Ohio river with Aaron and crew and perhaps making a documentary about it, southeast Asia, and dozens of other things, and I see the excitement of my future spread out so huge before me that I get so excited I have to go ride my bike around to just ponder it all and smile about it.
We played soccer yesterday, which I really needed, though my knees have decided to start hurting me, something Ive never suffered before, and its annoying.
Looks like Daveo might more out here, I think that would be rad, more kids to ride bikes with. I was bummed we couldnt get a room for him here in my house, but theres tons of places with open rooms in the City. Good old Daveo.
So I got the rest of the mp3s for this band Readyville who I like very much. Theyre playing next Tuesday in Oakland, think were gonna assemble some folks together to see the show. I havent been seeing many shows lately, theres so much to do in this town I wonder how Ill tear myself away. Traveling is probably the only thing that could do it.

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