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August 09, 2004


so I did a bunch of interpreting last week, i can't say how pleased i am when i get to do this job and help folks out and feel the words going through me right. it's really nice, makes me think i could step up and do similar work for a long time, when i stop moving so much.
so saturday morning i was sitting having breakfast with aaron, colin and megan, and my other roommate simon had been singing really badly and loud when i awoke, so i was on edge, and i realized how good it would be to get out of the city. aaron agreed completely, and within 20 minutes we were in colin's car, heading towards point reyes in marin. the drive took more than an hour, during which we listened to music and aaron held the squid monkey which colin had sewed out the window, so that it looked like it was flying. the squid monkey reminds me of the stuffed animal i had as a child, a monkey named frank, which was also the name of our rabbi in grand junction, colorado. i always tied his long arms in knots. it seems like a squid monkey would be a good stuffed animal for a small child. perhaps confusing though.
anyways, we made it up to point reyes, and jumped from the car. walking down the trail talking to aaron about past and future travels made me really content. he and kristy are leaving the city in three weeks, a fact that bums me out, but i've made many friends and will still be very busy with activities and good times. they were the first people i knew when i got here, along with matt and jacob, who are already gone. guess that's the way this city works.
the hike took us about an hour to reach bass lake. aaron had told me how great it was up there, and had specifically mentioned a rope swing to hold onto and fly out over the water and drop in. it was one of the best rope swings i'd ever used, you started halfway up a steep hill and jumped off, and after shooting past the trunk of the tree you were out over nothing, then releasing the rope and your naked self came hurtling down out of the shade into the sunny water. i had that sensation again when i'm doing something so very fun, that as soon as i did it i was swimming back to shore to go again. i think it's the best thing to be 25 and still get excited about physical activities like jumping into water and riding my bike, i feel very fortunate.
we swung a bunch of times each, then walked back down to the car, along the coast. it's megan's birthday today, and she seemed glad to get to do something cool on the weekend of her birthday.
so of course it took longer then expected to get home, and i was an hour late to work, but no matter. i got out early and rode straight home, then over the rest of the hill to coast down through the darkness and fog of the park, listening to red stars theory in my headphones. at ocean beach there were dozens of bonfires, and i had to borrow a cellphone from some random stranger before i could find my circle of friends. we sat around the flames in the sand and aaron and i would walk down to the ocean to pee in the surf, then come back up to feed the fire. someone started passing around bourbon, which tasted very nice in the ocean air and later maybe helped inspire me a 6 others to shed our clothes and run into the freezing water. It could be thanks to the whisky, but it wasn't so cold, and i was very pleased with myself. i realized on the ride home through the park that that day was the first time i'd swam all summer, which is a bit of a shame. in the summer, you're supposed to swim as much as possible. aaron said before he leaves that a select few of us should go out to ocean beach at night and silently walk into the waves. it's a good plan.

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