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August 23, 2004


so we had the one year anniversary of punk rock breakfast at our house yesterday. the night before we were up till 4 am, prepping vegetables and then doing some stenciling and rotten fruit launching in the street. PRB was very fun, i was the waiter, and felt that i did a good job until i became too inebriated and ended up hula hooping on the roof in my underwear. we had a band called shitstorm play, i think it was their 3rd show ever, and during their performance i passed out bowls of slimy gross cherries, and an excellent food fight ensued. later i somehow ended up in the upstairs shower with 8 other people, which was very cramped and pretty hilarious. so all in all, i think it was the best PRB ever.
my folks were in town at the beginning of last weekend. it was good to see them, and better to have them here so we could do big city things. on the first night they arrived we went out to the millenium, which was far and away the best vegetarian restaurant i've ever eaten in in my life, no wait let me rephrase that, it was by far the best restaurant i've ever dined in ever. we had something like 5 courses, and there were too many highlites to mention. i never want to eat vegan icecream again after the coconut flavor they had their. so good! one of the best parts was getting to hang out with my pops and jane, we discussed the possiblity of what kind of vegetarian restaurant would be viable in reno. seems like it would be very difficult to mount anything good in that city, it's no vegan hotbed shall we say. the day after that my pops and i rode our bikes all over the city, and then we had dinner with buzzard and his folks at the ethopian restaurant. good times.
owen's in town right now, we're gonna work on a video project he has going. i leave for new york friday morning, so there's tons to do before then. i feel super crammed for time, but i'm sure i'll get everything i need to in.

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