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August 27, 2004

in a few hours

so in a few hours i will be on a plane to NY. i'm going to protest the republican national convention, not because i'm an ardent kerry supporter at all, but because i want my presence and voice heard by the nation and the world. lately i've been in the middle of an email debate with someone i met in israel who's a bush-ite, and i feel like after thinking of what i would say to reason with someone who believes in bush and his cabinet, that there is no hope of us shutting down the convention, but instead i want the protests to be so big that america and the rest of the world sees that our nation does not wholeheartedly support what is being done in our name, but on the contrary that we reject the tools of power and propaganda and lies for what they are, the weapons of state oppression. i watched the film the miami model tonight about the police state reaction to protesters in miami voicing their constitutional right to dissent, and it made me wonder what i'm in store for. i'm not afraid though, on the contrary i'm mostly excited and expectant that something big and positive will hopefully take place. i hope that doesn't turn out to be foolhearty. anyways, everyone who reads this please tune in to the new york indymedia center, for real reporting on what's really going down in NYC.

Posted by bendan at August 27, 2004 02:54 AM

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