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October 27, 2003

friend from back east, and lots of working

tomorrow i get to go meet aaron buskirk and matt, his buddy, at the train station at 9:20 am, as they disembark from a 2 day train ride out from ohio. they are destined for somewhere different then reno, a bigger city on the west coast, but i hope they will pitstop here for a while. every time i get to see aaron again it's so great, since he left san sebastian in spain where that group of friends met, in a taxi to a bus to the airport in madrid, we've always managed to reunite for new and excellent adventures. i met matt at burningman, he was good people as i had expected, must say i'm a bit jealous of the boys, heading somewhere new to have a go at fun and living, but for me, if i was to do as such, i would have to head back east, which i don't see happening. anyways, halloween forcast is bourbon drinking to semi excess, and hanging out with the raccoon family down at the river. what's great is that they will have bikes, so we can get around so easy.
as for me, i will have my first article published in the reno news and review on thursday, that will be kinda cool, more so because i'm getting paid for it. in addition to that, i'm still delivering pizzas on an oncall basis, working as a busboy at PF Changs, a fancy chinese restaurant that has kickass vegetarian stuff, and starting wednesday i begin training to be a waiter at Chevys texmex fakey mexican food restaurant. it will be hectic, but i have to say that i will feel good to upgrade some of my equipment that is wearing or worn out, i.e. campstove, sleepingbag, mountainbike parts, snowboard boots, ect.., plus it would be novel and sorta comforting to get a couple thousand in the bank to sit on, it's been ages since i've had that. snowboard season is gonna be good, i might try and do a day at copelands sports, which though it would bring my total jobs up to 5, would also allow me acces to the board passes and i could ride all over tahoe, if i had time to do it.
anyways, enough about stuff, i'll link to this photo, which is biting, and to this story, which is funny. poor walmart.

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October 22, 2003

elliot smith kills himself

he was found yesterday in his apartment by his girlfriend, a self inflicted knife would to the heart. this makes me feel bad, he was a good musician, i remember when joe lane first played some of his music for me. joe pointed out how tough he looked on the cover of the record "either/or," tattooed and wearing black and shaggy hair. then i listened to it, the mellowness and clever lyrics were appealing. i ended up buying most all of his records, and they were especially nice to listen to when i was travelling, i listened to "hanging around at the lost and found" many a time on long busrides.
if the response to hearing of the death of johnny cash was the need for a good whiskey drunk, then upon hearing of the untimely death of elliot smith i feel imbued with a craving for a tall boy of pabst blue ribbon.

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October 17, 2003

somethingawful still kicks it out

movie mixes, some are great. man these people have too much time though.

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October 16, 2003

my rebuttal

so two weeks ago, or was it three?, anyways, i was featured in an article in the local weekly because i was down in cancun during the wto protests. then, a week after that, some local yahoo wrote a letter calling me a maoist and saying all this nonsense about globalization being a good thing. so i wrote a rebuttal to his letter, and it printed today(check it out, second letter down).
special thanks goes to deidre pike for helping get it in, i feel good that i got to voice my opinion about globalization, and that i was able to add the direction of an excellent website pertaining to globalization in the letter.

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October 15, 2003

fall in reno

fall in reno smells like the off distant cold of the oncoming, onrushing winter, and i without a jacket. drew says move to portland, owen says to l.a., aaron says come have adventures. here though, i talk of different interpretings with steve my brother, a worthy study partner, and start a new job that will help very much if i land in alaska next summer, which i plan to. and climbing and biking roll along, and a little writing even, and i'm semi following one of my post mexico promises of running, much to my own disbelief. so it is good here as well, though my internal navigational clock is calibrated differently, saying flee the north when winter comes for the warmth, and head to alaska in the summer when it never breaks 70 degrees. hmm.
the new weakerthans is all i've been listening to, besides npr of course, and i still can't find the video of roy from sigfried and roy getting mauled by the white tiger. if anyone can, send it please. hehe.

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October 11, 2003

job hunting

so i'm pretty much burned out on the pizza delivering. trying to find a restaurant job so i'll have experience when i go to alaska next summer, enabling me to make some good money. the problem is, and i've stated this a lot lately, is that looking for a job is even worse then having one, cause who wants to look for something you don't want? not me. it's ok, i'll have something by the end of today, then i'll stop driving pizzas around, buckle down to my climbing, and start trying to convince myself that i'm happy it's to turn winter cause of snowboarding. may take a while.
this is funny, pretty crappy copy protection if you ask me.

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October 08, 2003

bill o'reilly is an idiot

they had him on fresh air, and he contradicted himself so many times it wasn't funny, just annoying and frightening, since so many people watch him every day.
haven't been posting so often, looking for a new job, not so much luck yet. trying to find a server job so i can make bucks up in alaska next summer, no more dishwashing up there, just tip jobs.
shannen gets her dividend today, lucky girl. maybe the last time she'll get it, since she isn't in school anymore.

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October 02, 2003

back in reno, for the umpteenth time

haven't updated in a bit, got back actually about a week ago, shannen drove down and picked aaron and i up, which was excellent of her as always. we had a good night in vegas, drank at the champagne cafe and lounge on maryland parkway, one of the essential vegas bars to visit. after that crashed at the condo of one of shannens friends, then awoke and drove back up here the next morning. aaron took off a few days later, after an excellent atomiks show before which we killed bottle of jack daniels down by the train tracks in honor of johnny cash, and after which my younger brother steven took the opportunity to vomit 1. in front of jimboys mexican fast food restaurant, forever solidifying our family reputation there as a bunch of drunken bastards, 2. in the toilet at our house on katherine st, and 3. in the sink of the brand new kitchen of our house at katherine st. no one tell drew's momma about that one.
aaron hitched out, must say i had some envy of him, imagine he's nearing or reached north dakota by now, visiting his new niece.
as for me, back to delivering pizzas, but hunting up other jobs. i chopped all my hair off since the sea water of the caribbean had started it down the trail to dreadlockville, something i really don't want. been listening to a lot of uncle tupelo and the new weakerthans, hanging out with shannen a ton, getting back into climbing after 3 weeks off, the usual. about to try and go mountain biking though the wind and sudden rain spurts are darkening the chances of a decent ride. that never stopped me and daveo, and steve's down as well.
ok, some links.
this is from something awful, i especially like the l. ron hubbard cover on the 3rd page.
arnold would suck so bad at governer, i hate his guts. terminator was cool though. but man, kindergarten cop, what kind of pandering crap was that? deport him.

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