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October 15, 2003

fall in reno

fall in reno smells like the off distant cold of the oncoming, onrushing winter, and i without a jacket. drew says move to portland, owen says to l.a., aaron says come have adventures. here though, i talk of different interpretings with steve my brother, a worthy study partner, and start a new job that will help very much if i land in alaska next summer, which i plan to. and climbing and biking roll along, and a little writing even, and i'm semi following one of my post mexico promises of running, much to my own disbelief. so it is good here as well, though my internal navigational clock is calibrated differently, saying flee the north when winter comes for the warmth, and head to alaska in the summer when it never breaks 70 degrees. hmm.
the new weakerthans is all i've been listening to, besides npr of course, and i still can't find the video of roy from sigfried and roy getting mauled by the white tiger. if anyone can, send it please. hehe.

Posted by bendan at October 15, 2003 10:44 AM

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