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October 08, 2003

bill o'reilly is an idiot

they had him on fresh air, and he contradicted himself so many times it wasn't funny, just annoying and frightening, since so many people watch him every day.
haven't been posting so often, looking for a new job, not so much luck yet. trying to find a server job so i can make bucks up in alaska next summer, no more dishwashing up there, just tip jobs.
shannen gets her dividend today, lucky girl. maybe the last time she'll get it, since she isn't in school anymore.

Posted by bendan at October 8, 2003 04:38 PM

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It doesnt sound to me like you have an agenda against Bill OReilly or anything. Please send me one link showing anything Bill OReilly was ever wrong or misinformed about; or anything that he didnt correct. Please show me a case where Bill OReilly didnt have facts to back up his claimed factual comments. Please also explain to me why you call someone an idiot and then use a sentence fragment in your explanation on why he is an idiot, as well as leaving out the word "and" after making a list. Also, I hope you realize that you yourself give no facts or basis on which to back your opinion on. Calling Mr. OReilly ill-educated makes you arrogant as well. This means you are either one of two things: A hypocrite or an idiot yourself. Grow up.

Posted by: Evick at June 17, 2004 06:34 PM

I believe Bill O'Reilly is misinformed, ill educated, arrogant, has NO basis on his opinions, NO facts to back him up. Shame on him.

Posted by: Robbie at March 17, 2004 08:02 AM

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