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March 05, 2003

truck adventure

so two days ago me, daniel the swede, this french guy and this belgian girl paid some guy to drive us and our two rented surfboards to the playa madera beach, 20 minutes north of here. we scheduled for him to pick us up that night at 6. at 6:30 he rolls up in his little truck with his wife and brother coming along as well. the brother reeked of booze, and the driver didnt get out to help us load the surfboards, so i was a little wary. we started off down the dark dirt road, and it soon became apparent by his weaving and slow driving that he was shitass drunk as well. not good.
as luck would have it, the piece of shit truck broke down. the guy stumbles out of the cab and pulls out some bicycle brake wire, and starts to fumble around under the hood. after a bit we got curious, and came to find that the line connecting the gas peddle to the accelerator part had broken. when it became apparent that he was too drunk to fix it, the french guy and i stepped in and did the job, but we couldnt connect the bike wire to the pedal, so the only way to give gas was to pull on the line.
i asserted myself and said that i would be the gasman, the driver pretty much fell into the cab, and after a few hundred meters and several stalls, we realized that he was to stink-eye to handle the more complicated shifting procedure. the french guy kicked him out and took over driving, and we headed off. soon we were working as a team, me letting off the gas to go over one of the 500 speedbumps we went over and us coordinating the shifting from first to second, and up to third gear we got it a few times. one time we had to stop and the driver tried to get back in to drive, but we yelled and he went back to the back of the truck.
the hardest part was going down this steep hill cause the damn truck had bald tires and no brakes. if that gives you an idea of how exciting this occasion was.
after at least half an hour we rolled into town, two gringos driving this fucked up truck with 3 drunken nicaraguans in the back as well as daniel, the funniest swede ever, who looked bemused, and kristen the frightened belgian girl.
we pulled up and almost ran into a dumpster, remember, no brakes, then hopped out and dropped off the surfboards. the driver stumbled up and demanded his 100 cordobas, and the belgian girl went off, yelling at him in spanish about how drunk he was and how we drove his damn truck home. we all walked away, and though he pointed a threatening finger, nothing came of it.
yesterday went to the beach and slept there in my tent, surfed all day, finally getting it, ran the israeli came along and picked it up way faster then i did, no worries though. tomorrow he, daniel and i are going to costa rica, gonna check out santa elena, its next to monteverde but said to be a little less touristy.
keep in touch friends. good day to you all.

Posted by bendan at March 5, 2003 12:00 PM

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