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March 02, 2003

a list, then a bit of a worry i`ll share

so since i`ve been in this town of san juan del sur, or ¨the sur¨ as paddy called it in his thick scottish accent so that it sounded more like ¨the sewer,¨ i`ve ran into ran the rad israeli, one of the swedish guys from utila who the norwegian readers of this webpage will remember as being hysterically funny (this one still is), some canadian hippy girls who have been showing up exactly 2 hours after i do to each of the last 3 places i`ve been to, and then practicing bongo drums, the english bloke i met who is cycling from the yucatan to panama, this other english guy with a motorcycle who i`ve seen in tulum and granada, the 3 canadian college students i climbed volcan madera with, the list goes on and on, sorry if it`s only interesting for me. the gringo trail, it`s a well worn trail. it gets to be almost ridiculous when you stop on the street every 10 minutes to greet a new old aquaintance. it`s quite fun.
one observation i`ll make about nicaragua, it`s not funny but it`s true that the match skills down here are atrocious, you give them a 100 cordoba note for an 87 cordoba bill and it`s off to find the calculator to get the sum. paddy and i agreeded that it was a damn shame, but that didn`t stop the creating of a future tshirt design that looks as such:

- 8

donde esta la calculadora?


not very nice it`s true but still funny.

so i did a check of my bank balance today, seems the bank on utila where i withdrew money for the diving school just now decided to put through those withdrawls, so that my remaining funds are a site lower then i`d thought. in the face of this, i went swimming in the ocean and body surfed some waves. then i came out and decided that i`m gonna continue on to panama, where with all possible luck i`ll be able to find a boat ride back to the states. otherwise i`ll have to get a job there to pay for a plane ticket, which could be interesting.

i`m not going to worry about it, but i got a bit sad when i realized that before too long my trip will come to a close. in truth i`ve been thinking about a conversation i had with a spaniard a week ago in granada, about how these travel periods in our lives are ¨una ficcion,¨ a dream as he said, that fades a little into a blurred yet amazing memory when we go back to the grind of working. today is the 2nd of march, i left reno the 2nd of october, 5 months and 6 countries ago. it`s a feeling i love so much to wake up in a new city and know that i`ll be wearing one of 4 shirts i`ve been wearing this whole time, walking around, responsible pretty much just to myself and my time. however, it will be good to get home and have objectives beyond learning to scuba dive or meeting new friends.
ok enough about this, i`m going into extreme cash saver mode, so more cooking my own food, more sleeping in my tent, more filtering my own water, more walking instead of taxis, and sadly, less internet. we`ll see about that last one.

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