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March 08, 2003

costa rica

just got into santa elena, in the mountains of central costa rica. ran into pascual for what must be the 8th time, another happy reunion. still cruising with daniel and ran, we came from playa el coco, where we spent two evenings. that town is a place id recommend everyone to avoid, pretty but a weird kind of touristy, by that i mean americans with young prostitutes walking around everywhere like it wasnt a disgusting sight. i sure was for me.
we went on a two tank dive with the hopes of seeing sharks, i hadnt realized how bad the visibility is in the pacific versus the carribean. its ok, we saw some cool sting rays and eels, i was happy to dive again.
i like costa rica, but find myself unable to stop comparing it to other countries down here in central america. quite a bit spendier then nicaragua, much more organized, and everyones tries to speak english, which at the same time that i can appreciate it bums me out. a surprising thing is that bus travel is less organized here, whereas in nicaragua or honduras the people at the bus terminals run up to you asking where youre going, here they look at you and shrug their shoulders, a bit of a difference, no big deal.
gonna go walk through cloud forests tomorrow, its meant to be fantastic, i remember tell of my father and stepmom doing it, it sounded really cool. ok all for now, this is the worst internet connection in a while, 54 ks for 3 comps, so not gonna spend much time doing this, which is good.

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