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March 11, 2003

um, kinda paradise

in montezuma on the nicoya peninsula, a little town, touristy but super idylic and the water is so warm you wouldn't believe it. got here yesterday with ran and daniel, immediately i donned my swimtrunks and jumped in, the temperature was so perfect, i sat floating looking at the early moon and listening to the waves, it's really good. today we went up to a waterfall, there is a ropeswing tied and a good 13 meter jump into the deep pool, it took me a bit to get up the guts but afterwords it was excellent to look up at the steep and tall rock i'd just thrown myself from. the whole waterfalls and palm trees thing was what i had expected from costa rica, it's good to find it.
tomorrow going to malpais, 16 kilometers but who knows how many hours in bus up the coast, gonna surf for two days, then shoot back towards san jose, maybe visit paddy the scot, or else head south towards panama. met some yachties yesterday, they said it's the wrong time of year to try and catch a boat up to the eastern seaboard of the u.s., the wrong winds, so i might be stuck heading up towards california. which would still be really cool, but then i wouldn't get to visit aaron in ohio. we'll see.
(tried to find a foto to post with this but all the searches just turn up hotels and crap instead of fotos. lameness)

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