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May 24, 2002

really cold last night, went

really cold last night, went to sleep wearing long johns and gloves and my knit cap, slept pretty well though. went to work at 630, when i got there they had 4 people already working at the counter where i was supposed to train. i told the owner, ed, that i was gonna get out of there till 1 oclock, either this business makes so much money that they don't worry about having 2 or 3 unnecessary people on the clock at any given time or else they're gonna figure it out real soon. i went and applied at a few places, should know by next week. it's sunny and nice today, i road a bike around the harbor a bit, so amazing up here when it isn't raining. there's a mexican guy who works in the bakery so i even have someone to speak spanish with. things are pretty good.

Posted by bendan at May 24, 2002 01:31 PM

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