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May 25, 2002

some characters i've met: freddi-formerly

some characters i've met:

freddi-formerly the guy i called leroy, last night freddi went out with dave, mike and i (dave and mike are the idaho boys) to a few bars. we found him sleeping in his rusting out orange van near where we camp, and i knocked on the window. right now he's "on the hustle" looking for jobs, cause the garage he's helping to build will be finished on monday. last night at dj's saloon he totally rocked out to the local band that was covering all kinds of stuff, a few women came up and hit on him but he was too busy checking out the band.

bob-bob works at the other location of the bakery, the sandwich stand inside of the sea life center. i've spoken with him only briefly, but dave, who works with him all day, nearly made me choke on my chili when he called him "big gay preacher bob." bob was in the military for 12 years, then decided to become a school teacher and a priest. dave says that many customers compliment him on his directing of the school play from last year, "anne." one customer came up and said they were reminded of him cause they say on jeopardy the question "who was anne's dog?" and big gay preacher bob lit up and spoke with glee, " it was pandy!" (or whatever the name was i forget)

luvonda-the other dishwasher, she's from baltimore. her husband works at the cannery, and she washes dishes in the morning. or rather, she spends some time washing dishes, and the rest of the time eating sandwiches, drinking juice and smoking cigarettes behind the bakery. she said that last winter was "some bulshit, snow up to heah and shit." she acts like she's doing me a favor by leaving me only a few sinks full of dishes to do when she scoots out 10 minutes early every day.

andy (andres)-the cook from mexico. when he showed up yesterday the manager took me over and had me speak spanish to him, as if they didn't believe that i spoke it. we immediately got into a conversation in which he asked me what drugs i like to do. I told him none, and he said that he can't get any perriko up here. perriko is the spanish worf for parrot, but it also means cocaine. he's moving his wife up in a few weeks and wants to share an apartment, but i'm doing ok camping.

at the bar last night met these people who are working on documentaries at the sea life center, gonna try and hook up with them on tuesday after the holiday, one of the said they were even looking to hire someone. that would be the best thing ever, better then washing dishes and working with champions all summer. anyways, i'll try not to get my hopes up too high, and you all cross your fingers for me.

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