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May 23, 2002

work was long today, tomorrow

work was long today, tomorrow i get to help move equipment to the 2nd location, inside of the sea life center, hopefully i'll be able to start working there, however the owner, ed, asked how i liked dishing today in an ominous tone. cross your collective fingers for me. the sun came out around 3 and i walked outside and all the mountains have snow still and are steep as hell and across resurrection bay the view is really good, ships coming in and out full of fish or tourists. it was nice to read some emails for home, the public library has free access so if i stay here i'll be able to computer geek out even though i'm living in a tent in the woods. an extremely small tent as well, this morning i was sitting in said tent and a bird tried to fly in, i told it a stern no and it zipped away. can't wait to see bears again. the hummus where i work is from a powder but they add tons of veggies and garlic so it's still pretty good. ok now we're off to go build a firepit and put a tarp high over it so we can hang out when it's raining and enjoy the good life. i've had weezer stuck in my head since yesterday, when dave one of the idaho boys told me he had a girlfriend in japan. hehe.
oh yeah drew sent me this, he titled it get your war on, which was pretty funny. i'm gonna get my climb on pretty soon, i saw people bouldering along the new seward highway when i was hitching down, can't wait to get on some rock. hope the dishing doesn't ruin my hands.

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