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May 29, 2002

looks like i won't be

looks like i won't be able to do any video work after all, kind of a bummer. today was good anyways though, actually met a basque guy who's been here the last 4 summers, he's from good old san sebastian. he looked at me like i was crazy when i started saying my few basque phrases, it was funny. we're supposed to go mountain biking, i'm starting to think i should have brought my bike, it would have been impossible to hitchhike with is the only bad thing. the other good thing was that my buddy freddy might be leaving town to go to juneau or somewhere else, and he might give me his orange chevy van. that would mean that i could sleep in it instead of my tent, which is small and not all the way waterproof, and that we could drive into town on the really rainy days. this will also mean that i will make my parents prouder then words can describe by fulfilling a college ambition of living in a van by a river. actually it's the resurrection bay, but still...
y a los amigos hispanohablantes, que me escriban! no hay mucha gente con la que puedo practicar, y no quiero olvidar el espanol. andale!

Posted by bendan at May 29, 2002 06:49 PM

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