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May 28, 2002

it's tuesday morning, going to

it's tuesday morning, going to work right after this. night before last night was rockin, good old freddy got paid and bought many pitchers, the very best thing was him dancing to the cover band at the bar, it's impossible to describe his dance moves but i assure you they were remarkable. yesterday slept in till 1 oclock on accident, luckily mike came and woke me up so i could go to work.
i was standing in the forest about 20 yards from my tent last night, looking at all the moss growing on the trees and at the clouds ringing the surrounding peaks, it felt so peaceful and calm. i sat around and read hell's angels by hunter s. thompson cause my copy of tropic of cancer got waterlogged, i'm starting to wish i'd bought a bigger tent. spoke with aaron, he's very excited to come up, i gave him the lowdown on how to get to the new seward highway from the airport in anchorage, so he won't have to spend an hour and a half riding busses around anchorage, which sprawls in a way that reminds me of vegas except there are tons of trees between the houses instead of strip malls and apartment complexes. my next day off is saturday, which means i'll have 12 days on in a row, not sure what i'm gonna do, this hippy baker named ben said he'd show me some places to go bouldering.
much thanks to steven for the vegan waffle recipes, i'm gonna start experimenting at baking since i am working in a bakery, and they put milk in everything. have fun you all. (i've got my "howdy" drawled to perfection. sweet)

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