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May 30, 2002

damn rain. might have found

damn rain. might have found a second job as a busboy at this super spendy restaurant, that would mean i have no days off but i'd be raking in tips, my idaho buddies mike and dave ate there last night and shelled out 40 bucks a piece for fancy fish, i had a beer and salad and got out for under 10 bucks, man i'm glad i'm a weirdo vegan cause there are no restaurants here that i could overspend at. not gonna get freddy's orange van, he likes it too much, we're looking into a 350 dollar subaru, the idaho boys both had the same model, an 83, so we might try and give them 200 cash and fix it up so we can drive to girdwood and anchorage and maybe denali. there's all this stuff in the news right now about pulling climbers off denali, pretty crazy stuff. makes me wonder if i'll still go.
a list of songs i wish i could listen to right now:

elliot smith- baby britain
elliot smiith- further away
murder city devils- press gang
yo la tengo- anything off of "i can feel the hearts beating as one"

ok, keep writing me emails, i dig it.

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