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May 31, 2002

i was thinking today that

i was thinking today that maybe it's boring to read about me going to work everyday. tomorrow is 10th day working in a row, all day overtime. going to watch the game tonight, not soccer but the film by the director of seven and fight club, i've heard it's good. after this we go to look at that subaru, supposedly it only has body damage, as in you have to dukes of hazard it style in the driver side door, but the engine is supposedly fine. i have my doubts, but if we lowball them it could rule. sat in my tent last night trying to get to sleep, seem to have misplaced my longjohns so was a bit cold. did a lot of thinking, i kinda figured i'd save all the post university wondering what i'm gonna do with my life stuff till i was up here sitting in my tiny tent, which has come to pass. i was mopping the floors and realized that if i save up a ton of cash i'll really be able to travel in central and south america for a long time, that is if i still want to. it's weird, right before i came up here things were really fun in reno, and now i'm working every day, but i guess it's for a greater good, in warmer places. anyways, enough of that. hope you all are in better weather than i am.

Posted by bendan at May 31, 2002 05:56 PM

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