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April 29, 2002

ordering climbing shoes and equipment

ordering climbing shoes and equipment from europe is the way to go. check out either this page or this other one man i'm so over writing papers.

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this is for my little

this is for my little brother who still hasn't seen all the starwars films. flash rules.

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so turns out my last

so turns out my last final isn't the 10th but instead the 15th, which means i have to sit around from sunday the 11th to wednesday the 15th till i can officially can be finished with all this. the big bummer is that i was gonna go down to bishop to climb one last time before i went to alaska, but now looks like i won't be able to. sucks. a bit behind on my 3 papers due this week, gonna climb tonight then try and crank two of them out. owen and i were brainstorming (read:bullshitting) and came up with a good short film idea, so me being stuck here instead of in bishop gives me time to edit that mofo. maty is supposed to be back in town but haven't heard from him, hopefully he gets a hold of me before i leave. anyways, off to read some more.

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whining canadians. i'm thinking of

whining canadians. i'm thinking of changing my website name to CanadaWatch. or maybe FranceWatch. the best part of the article is the part about the dancers.

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April 28, 2002

the shins show on friday

the shins show on friday was supergood, the weather tried to conspire against us as it did the last time but this time we snuck through, the bands looked tired because it was the last night of their tour, but they still rocked out. got the flake music cd, totally good, glad i got to see them so long ago at the shitty zephyr. had super good indian food in SF, we were supposed to eat there with dawn and heather but they went off to look at some puppet arcade or something. bummer for them. we didn't get back till 5 in the morning, their was this evil fog over donner pass and my brother had to drive 40 mile per hour for a long time. i'm trying to figure out how to sleep more, no matter what time i go to bed i always wake up before 8, maybe it's the sun pouring through the window into the room, but on thursday i almost fainted in public for lack of sleep, so i'm trying to go to bed earlier these days. we'll see if that works or not.
last night had dinner with dad, jane his wife and bani, a family friend. bani lost her husband in october, and is still having a hard time learning to live life as a single person instead of as part of a couple. it must take a lot of strength to go on, i found her force of will very admirable. she cooked us homemade indian food, probably the best indian food i've ever had. i came home and hung out, but i was still exhausted from the drive home from the shins show.
today i've been trying to get through el portero by reinaldo arenas, it's very good but the united parcel service lost the copy that was supposed to arrive the 15th and i had to get another copy shipped and it just got here friday, good thing the paper isn't due till...tomorrow. i'm more then halfway through, and after this one i only have three papers left to write.
drew's father was unbelievably kind and used one of his vouchers to get me free roundtrip airfare to alaska and back. i leave the 21st, come back the 9th of august. i was gonna stop through portland on my way up but now i'll have more time to do that in august after i get back. man i can't wait to hit the road.
here are photos from my trip to bishop with drew 2 weekends ago.

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April 26, 2002

if i had a car

if i had a car i'd want one of these license plates.

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April 25, 2002

this is sad. but what

this is sad. but what kind of a name is angel baby for a two-headed cow?
4 papers left to write, 4 finals to pull through. got a free kazoo for being a soon-to-be graduate, who says UNR doesn't take care of it's students.

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April 24, 2002

look under your state for

look under your state for specific laws, nevada is pretty hard on spammers. not that i have time or motivation to go to small claims court over junk email, but if any of you do and actually get money, buy me a beer.

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university creeps to a close,

university creeps to a close, can't wait, can't wait. what does canada need a submarine for, anyways?

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April 22, 2002

O Canada!

O Canada!

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last weekend was very excellent,

last weekend was very excellent, nothing unusual when i go to bishop. saturday went sport climbing for the first time, it's really fun. i'm still a boulderer at heart, but it was cool to finally try it out. way different to sport climb 5.7s and 5.8s then to crank on V3s and V4s, i wonder if i'll really push myself with it like i do at bouldering, the idea of whipping off a wall and falling 12 feet to slam into said wall is a little daunting.
bouldering was really good yesterday. went to the happys, i got that V3 i'd been looking at and managed, to my surprise, to work more then half the moves on the V4 i've been working on. next time i go i'm gonna send it i think. there's nothing like topping out on a tough ass boulder problem and standing up there, feeling the breeze and looking off down the canyon to the owens valley.
for those of you who don't climb, much of the above stuff didn't make much sense i imagine.
someone pointed out that i seem to really like french-bashing, which is interesting because i must say that i really enjoyed paris when i was there, but it's still funny to poke fun at them, just like with the canadians. check out the sign on the left in this photo.
along with the millions of other star wars geeks out there, i hope that this is true.

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April 20, 2002

a review of that worst

a review of that worst of all movies, the postman with kevin costner.

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we drove down to bishop

we drove down to bishop yesterday afternoon. it's pretty nice weather here today, a little windy but much warmer then reno was. our friends weren't around when we arrived so we went and drove out by the river after grabbing some wood from behind kmart. there we started a little campfire and roasted veggie dogs then smothered them with dijon mustard, cracked a beer and chowed down looking at the stars. made me really itchy to get on the road, drew said the same thing. i know i'm not supposed to count, but all told i have 14 days of classes left. ever. well not ever if i decide to go to graduate school or go back for another degree, but for the time being i'm damn close to the end. very excited about that, as you can imagine. the punk prom is the same night that graduation occurs, i'll probably go, no date yet though. today we're most likely going sport climbing, i'd rather boulder but i imagine the majority of the group would rather go to the gorge. no worries, still tons of fun. slept like a champ last night as well, needed it.

this site has tons of cool old macabre images of devils and demons, it's good stuff.
i feel guilty if i don't post a page that i find cool with each entry, trying not to give in to the lameness of the e-journal.

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April 19, 2002

watch out for the priests

watch out for the priests gone wild!
this is really good as well, i can't believe he calls the french "snobby, cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

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April 18, 2002

the only good raver is

the only good raver is a dead raver.

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this is pretty horrible. still,

this is pretty horrible. still, you'll look at it for a minute.

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last night i watched possibly

last night i watched possibly the worst film ever, the postman with kevin costner. not only was it a cringe-a-thon beyond description, but it kept going and going like a crack-addled rabbit (i miss suck.com, just for the wednesdays though) for more then 3 hours or even longer, it sort of turned out brains to mush and i lost track of time and good taste. i kept covering my eyes in disbelief and then opening them and then throwing things across the room in frustration that kevin costner is still allowed to make films. tonight gonna watch pushing tin, supposed to be nearly as amazing in it's amazingly sucking amazingness. i'll let ya know.
anyways, cranked out a paper today at the last minute, outdid even my own record. what happened was i got to class 5 minutes early, and there everyone was, putting papers on the prof's desk. what papers, you might ask? the one i hauled ass out of there to frantically write it during the 1:15 class period before the prof went back to her office to find that actually pretty good paper sitting in her mailbox, still warm from the printer.
my friend greg from australia asked why i got into the online "diary" fad, i told him i just like to post links. This particular post sort of negates that statement, but he knows i'll whip him at chess if he fronts. wow, i can't believe i said that.
hello to carrie (sp?) who i ran into in the hallway at school yesterday. drew says hello, and that you should come over and hang out at our house soon. not this weekend though, we're going climbing in bishop. this unfortunately means that i can't go and mock earth day, and that i miss the climbing competition at the gym, but i'd rather be outside in friendly bishop anyways.
at first this looked like another wanky dancing flash thing, but then i pressed the exclamation point and i was awesome. not really awesome, more like, "what the hell?"
gonna run to class, i found some more cool stuff though that i'll get on here after i get back.

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April 16, 2002

finished my paper today, spent

finished my paper today, spent all morning on it, glad that's over. tonight james is playing with his band, gonna go yell some stuff at'em.
those crazy french drivers.

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April 15, 2002

This time waster contains high

This time waster contains high quality stuff to waste time with. go for it.

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April 12, 2002

mates of state ruled so

mates of state ruled so much last night. got the new record, it's gonna be a favorite i'm certain. think i'm gonna try and cram my foot into a climbing shoe tomorrow, this not climbing thing sucks a lot. gonna maybe scale back the drinkin, now that i'm more or less good to ride bikes and stuff i'd rather be outside anyways, sick of my clothes smelling like bar smoke. our dsl service went out, it's probly still out now but i'll still post.
people keep asking if i'm scared to graduate. i guess that since i have a plan, that is, to travel and travel and travel, then i have no worries or preoccupations with what i'll do after that.

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April 10, 2002

way better then i was,

way better then i was, should be ok to climb this coming weekend.
james sent me this, it's pretty good. maybe just a little sarcastic...no wait really sarcastic and full of profanit. hehe.
man oh man, and the NRA convention will be here in a few weeks.

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April 09, 2002

big news in el dorado,

big news in el dorado, arkansas.
what will happen to the enron field in houston?

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April 08, 2002

since i'm a cripple, i've

since i'm a cripple, i've had time to poke around the internet.
drew and i always talk about wanting to learn esperanto when we can't speak freely cause people are listening. maybe we could just learn to type this language. it's not that hard to read though. i'm gonna forward it to my fonetics prof., maybe she'll give me extra credit since i couldn't take her test today.

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update: the damn thing isn't

update: the damn thing isn't broken, just badly sprained, i have an air cast and they say i'm out for at least a week. which sucks cause we're supposed to go to river rock this weekend and the soccer league starts this week as well. i hope i'm ok in two weekends so i can go back to bishop, i won't be able to climb at all probably till then so i'm gonna train like a mofo on the hangboard and pullup bar. the crutches they gave me in spain were much more comfortable. much thanks to my pops and jane for carting me to the hospital.
also i missed a test, this week is starting off like garbage.

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during an excellent soccer game

during an excellent soccer game with some friends from mexico and peru, i managed to roll my left ankle. it made a neat popping sound that may or may not mean that i broke it. this is not the ankle that i screwed up twice when i was in spain, that's the the othe ankle. this week is starting off with a bang, or a pop, as it were. this sucks.

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April 06, 2002

hehe. hangover intensity scale. watch

hangover intensity scale. watch out for the "I've been drunk for 14 hours" hangover, it sounds bad.

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April 05, 2002

stoopid finger is still cut

stoopid finger is still cut and unclimbable-with. i'll just tape it and deal.
hey, matty bates is moving back to the reno. it's true, read about it. let the broing down commence.
this is where i lived in spain last year.
i'm not gonna start counting the days till i graduate.

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April 04, 2002

spring break goes to fast,

spring break goes to fast, it's my last one. cut my finger yesterday, climbing tomorrow will be painful, wish i hadn't done it. this story is long but i liked it and calling it touching or impressive or anything else sounds weird now.
the last line of this article is the best.

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April 02, 2002

we returned from bishop last

we returned from bishop last night, can't wait to go back again. anyone interested? this week is going to consist of working and trying to complete some of my huge chore list, as well as climbing and mountain bike riding and maybe even swimming. supposedly i will be on the KUNR alternative radio show this saturday at 12 midnight, with my buddy ryan. now i know you're all asking yourselves, wow, what an excellent time for a radio show! if i'm not already drunk enough that i won't remember to turn the radio on, i'm already asleep! so for the few of you who just yearn to hear my smooth melodic voice coasting over the airwaves, tune in to KUNR or else go here on the internet
finally found a link to this very weird practice that drew always starts talking about when i'm halfway up a rockclimbing problem, it makes me lose my concentration and fall off.

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