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March 31, 2002

this seems like a good

this seems like a good idea, can't see everyone agreeing on that though. what would the queen mother do?

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bishop california totally rules. mountain

bishop california totally rules. mountain biking, bouldering, swimming in hotsprings, mountain film festivals that we sneak into, good food, beer drinking, man you can't go wrong here. tomorrow some sport climbing, i'm gonna be worthless cause i pushed my hands today till they were rubbed raw of skin and empty of strength, it was well worth it though i finally got this problem that i couldn't get the last time i was here and had been thinking about ever since. joe showed me this new problem that's a little above the level of stuff that i can do, next time i come down maybe i'll be stronger and push through it. rockclimbing rules.
i'm not thinking about the papers i have to write for the week when classes resume. it's better that way.

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March 28, 2002

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check this shit out, japan

check this shit out, japan is a weird ass place.
i wonder if these federal investigators can help me get my campstove past the airline screeners.

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last night went and saw

last night went and saw hotwatermusic and bad religion at the warfield theatre in SF. hotwatermusic was excellent of course, we all hung around back stage and drank beers and talked. when they go to brazil they want me to come along and translate, guess that means i need to start learning some portuguese, i can read it ok though, so it shouldn't be a problem. bad religion was awesome, we went and watched from the balcony for a while then went back around to sidestage, the crowd on the floor would surge like a wave, everyone screaming along. I was so stoked when they played "recipe for hate" and some stuff off of "80-85." the drive home i passed out like a mofo.
been going to SF a lot actually, tuesday night went with my brother steven, little bob (who we're considering changing the monicker of to preacher bob or father bob cause drew aptly pointed out that bob would make an excellent priest) and my brother's friend nicole. that show was a dance-a-thon, i thought it was better then the first time we saw them. the opening bands were terrible like the last time, maybe worse, there was this hairmetal band called gauntlet and some really bad synthesizer band i didn't bother to remember the name of. And sunday night my brother and i went and saw pretty girls make graves, that show was supergood, adam and his package played as well, he has a new song called shopping spree that was the stand out. PGMG was supergood, i told derek that they should come through reno on the next tour, don't know if they will though, seems like everyone's moving away come may.
anyways, i'm over driving back and forth to SF, i've perfected waking up right as we pull up to my house in reno at 4 am, but we always end up eating tons of food and i never get to run around enough to burn it off. going to bishop tomorrow, i'll get my sweat on there.
now i'm gonna ride to school and crank out a paper, last minute style, but i'll do ok i'm sure.

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March 24, 2002

having a good weekend, went

having a good weekend, went to terry's birthday party friday and got stuck talking to the weirdest hippy ever, she went above an beyond talking about energy and astrological signs and i was half drunk and ended up playing along till it got too out there and i had to sneak away to tackle lilly. last night i saw nigel peppercock, or the last bit of the set, that band rules so much. today i'm going to SF to see pretty girls make graves, then tuesday i'm going again to see the faint, and maybe wednesday as well to see hotwatermusic and bad religion, not sure if james and i have a ride on wednesday though. it would be really cool to see chris mcclendon and HWM though. only 2 papers next week, yeeha.
sometimes i wish america was more like scandinavia.
check out the fourth board game down. hehe

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March 22, 2002

the katherinehouse domain went out

the katherinehouse domain went out for most of this week, kind of a bummer, mydomain.com or whichever one drew uses is kinda wanky. anyways, all my midterms are done, the continuing train of papers keeps rolling in though, the end is in sight, 2 more months.

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March 20, 2002

the research paper i was

the research paper i was born to turn in.

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March 17, 2002

i got a new roommate

i got a new roommate today, my little brother is now living in my room, it's gonna be a little cramped but it'll be fun.
dawn's birthday was fun, those girls cook the best vegan food out of any vegan food cooking folks in reno. also, her dad's fine scotch felt it appropriate to come out of the liquor cabinet so that it could share with me it's smooth smooth goodness.
man, i thought that the makeoutclub was wanky, but check this out.

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March 15, 2002

i have been thinking about

i have been thinking about the ethics of burning cds lately. my roomate borrowed some cds and when i asked for them back he said that he wasn't done with them cause he still had to burn them. i was initially annoyed cause he didn't ask if he could do that, which i think is pretty important to do. then i got to considering it, because he's a musician, but probably at least a third of his records are ripped off, and i felt that musicians more then any of us should know that it's worth it and responsible to support independent record stores and independent record labels by purchasing records from them. so i'm not gonna let anyone rip my cds anymore, not that many people do that, and i'm gonna buy all the cds of the bands that i have burned cds of. probably i'm just a dork about all this, but whatever.

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here comes a busy weekend.

here comes a busy weekend. we're having a party at the house tonight for the moving away of billy spaceman, who knows how many people he's invited, i'm locking down my room and may find somewhere else to stay. then saturday dawn turns 21, we wanna take her to the bar but i think we'll all go over to her house and drink a few beers and jump on the trampoline. i haven't been updating this mofo lately, no time left even to browse the internet, which used to be an essential daily ritual for me, damn work and college. ate at the indian restaurant today, so good, james sported so it was even better. we've all watched the ghetto airlines thing so many times that instead of saying "hey guys i'm leaving" i now say "i'm gonna floss and fly my bike on up out of this bitch," i'm beginning to talk like that in class so i better stop. billy and i converted my mountain bike into a one speed, it lost at least 2 lbs of gears and shifters, maybe now i'll be better able to keep up with my little brother rocket steve who rides so fast. the harddrive in the living room computer took a dive, with luck drew will replace it so i can DJ from the mp3 drive tonight, or just make everyone watch ghetto airlines so i'm not the only one who says "hand me a beer so i can get my drink on." the singing and music for this are kinda cool, even though it's mostly just damn weird. i hope that satire wire continues with this story idea, my money is on norway.
drew has almost finished off an entire plastic bottle of bacos, pouring them into the lid and shooting them into his mouth like whiskey. there's a can of green beans he's been eyeing, before long i'll find a cold empty tin can with a spoon sticking out of it sitting on the living room table. andrew morton, a true gourmet.

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March 13, 2002

no links found today, too

no links found today, too busy writing a paper that isn't due till thursday, wish i would have known. this morning andrew ate some chocolate covered espresso beans, a bagel, and bacos, the bacon flavored salad dressing stuff. james said that for lunch drew had another handful of bacos.
oh wait just found this, i here it's an "old favorite", i've never seen it before.

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March 11, 2002

hey i got some bad

hey i got some bad info, that show for mates of state isn't till next month.

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this last saturday i rode

this last saturday i rode my bike all the way to virginia city, which is this tourist trappy mining town 2 hours and 2000 feet elevation higher then reno. it was a good ride up that evil hill, but the ride down i was almost blown off the side of the hill by high winds, and the sport utility vehicles didn't give me much room. the weirdest part of my trip was that i happened to arrive in virginia city during the mountain oyster festival, which was a bunch of people cooking animals testicles and eating them. like i said, weird.
this morning drew had canned olives, space ice cream and a bagel. i'll keep this updated with his breakfast habits, since they are odd as hell.

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March 09, 2002

here's the flashing kitten eyes

here's the flashing kitten eyes thing that james sent me, man this rules. so simple, so amusing.

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March 08, 2002

read this article. you'll like

read this article. you'll like it.

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finally friday, this week took

finally friday, this week took long enough with midterms and all. went on a long drive with my little brother last night to california, it was good to look out the window at the snow and talk. spent 4 hours on a 20 second piece of video, learned some new tricks though, mayble some day they'll enable me to get a job to pay for glasses when my eyes burn out from staring at computer screens all day long. monday the 11th the Mates of State are playing at the zephyr bar, if you're old enough or know the secrets of sneaking in, you should come, that band rules. i'm going climbing now, then gonna treat myself to some good end-of-the-week beer, which is not to be confused with during-the-week beer. word.

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March 07, 2002

a good place not to

a good place not to eat

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March 06, 2002

midterms are no fun at

midterms are no fun at all. also, my house is full of people talking quite loud and i wish it was just the roommates. I am excited to try this thing out, it looks cool, but i can't do it now cause they are listening to some stuff. Ah, my first blogger rant session, how lame. Things will be good if we can get over the mountain to Chico tomorrow, if not it's gonna suck cause we already got tickets. drew and i worked on some excellent looped sounds at my work today, with perseverence and my propensity towards slacking some of it will eventually make it onto here, but maybe not. someday the skin will grow back on my fingers.

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March 05, 2002

climbing with james was fun,

climbing with james was fun, i remember the first time i went and after less then half an hour i couldn't even make a fist, much less hold on to anything on the wall.
it's amazing to think that tens of thousands of people are weblogging their lives and that no one reads any of it. amazing, or just sort of dorky.
p.s. no need to remind me that i too am now one of these dorks.

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March 04, 2002

midterms this week, not too

midterms this week, not too stoked. we're taking james climbing tonight for his first time, should be fun. this is a good, funny, sad story.

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March 03, 2002

went and saw mat with

went and saw mat with one t's band tonight at the little waldork. jeremy's band played as well. it was an ok show, i saw many folks who i hadn''t seen in a while. megan and natalie said that i was cranky, not sure about that. maty makes orgasm faces when he plays his bass. katie crust has as theory with stefanie that the faces that boys who play in bands make when they're playing their instruments are the same faces that they have when they are having sex. bob wants some assistance in testing this theory, and he plays guitar. hehe.
this is one of my favorite onion articles. here is another one.
this pretty much shows what i think about AOL. and this is quite funny. the last two use the evil slang words, so be careful.

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March 02, 2002

this is damn weird. as

this is damn weird. as greg from australia says, only in america.

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March 01, 2002

mocking canada needs to be

mocking canada needs to be some kind of sport.

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stuck at work editing some

stuck at work editing some boring ass video about multiracial students, trying really hard not to spend all day cutting the funny parts out and screwing with them. man it's really easy to just reverse the audio and put whatever subtitles you want over the gibberish, maybe i'll slap one up here, not sure though cause it's in Quicktime. here are some fotos drew took when we went to Bishop, going next weekend, can't wait. I found this a long time ago, it's almost as good as the flashing kitten eyes one that james likes so much.

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