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March 24, 2002

having a good weekend, went

having a good weekend, went to terry's birthday party friday and got stuck talking to the weirdest hippy ever, she went above an beyond talking about energy and astrological signs and i was half drunk and ended up playing along till it got too out there and i had to sneak away to tackle lilly. last night i saw nigel peppercock, or the last bit of the set, that band rules so much. today i'm going to SF to see pretty girls make graves, then tuesday i'm going again to see the faint, and maybe wednesday as well to see hotwatermusic and bad religion, not sure if james and i have a ride on wednesday though. it would be really cool to see chris mcclendon and HWM though. only 2 papers next week, yeeha.
sometimes i wish america was more like scandinavia.
check out the fourth board game down. hehe

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