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April 28, 2002

the shins show on friday

the shins show on friday was supergood, the weather tried to conspire against us as it did the last time but this time we snuck through, the bands looked tired because it was the last night of their tour, but they still rocked out. got the flake music cd, totally good, glad i got to see them so long ago at the shitty zephyr. had super good indian food in SF, we were supposed to eat there with dawn and heather but they went off to look at some puppet arcade or something. bummer for them. we didn't get back till 5 in the morning, their was this evil fog over donner pass and my brother had to drive 40 mile per hour for a long time. i'm trying to figure out how to sleep more, no matter what time i go to bed i always wake up before 8, maybe it's the sun pouring through the window into the room, but on thursday i almost fainted in public for lack of sleep, so i'm trying to go to bed earlier these days. we'll see if that works or not.
last night had dinner with dad, jane his wife and bani, a family friend. bani lost her husband in october, and is still having a hard time learning to live life as a single person instead of as part of a couple. it must take a lot of strength to go on, i found her force of will very admirable. she cooked us homemade indian food, probably the best indian food i've ever had. i came home and hung out, but i was still exhausted from the drive home from the shins show.
today i've been trying to get through el portero by reinaldo arenas, it's very good but the united parcel service lost the copy that was supposed to arrive the 15th and i had to get another copy shipped and it just got here friday, good thing the paper isn't due till...tomorrow. i'm more then halfway through, and after this one i only have three papers left to write.
drew's father was unbelievably kind and used one of his vouchers to get me free roundtrip airfare to alaska and back. i leave the 21st, come back the 9th of august. i was gonna stop through portland on my way up but now i'll have more time to do that in august after i get back. man i can't wait to hit the road.
here are photos from my trip to bishop with drew 2 weekends ago.

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