July 26, 2004


Okay, so the pictures from the Fourth of July spent on the top of Mt Rose are up, the pictures from the road trip with Mary up to Glacier National Park are up (i still need to get Mary's pictures scanned) and i will try to get the pictures from Katie and Danny's wedding that i went to (and barely came away from).

The trip of Rose was awesome, we had a good time, and saw a ton of fireworks. And then the Simich Hypothermia gene kicked in, Mr. Simich started panicking about how it was getting too cold and we needed to get back down, and pete put on his poncho to stay warm. The rest of us felt great though.

The trip to Glacier was awesome. I might be the best national park i have been to yet, almost better than Yosemited. And i am in love with Montana, Northern Idaho, and most of Washington, but that is because i saw them in the nice part of the year.

The wedding was great fun for me, up until the point that it wasn't fun anymore and mary's couch got all dirty. Two beers, a screw driver, a jack and coke, then we got the bottle of wine at the table (and the two other tables nearby that didn't seem like they wanted theirs) then the champagne, then back to the wine. I don't think i am going to do that again for awhile.

Also, i will try to remember to put the pictures from the trip to Annapolis up, but i have to go get them from my house first and figure out which cd without a label in my milk crate of cd's without labels has them on there.

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