May 08, 2004


Well, i am done, sort of, i actually still have a fluids lab final and i have to show up on monday for our senior design class final that is mostly just talking about the class in general. Finals went okay, not great, but i didn't fail any of them (well maybe fluids, but a 60 in there is a good grade) I have been playing a lot of this game called Joint Operations that i recommend everyone download and play, and sleeping in and eating at all the free lunches for graduating seniors. If feels really good to be done. I definetly need a break for a little while from school, but i want to already go back, there are so many other classes that sounded interesting. oh well, maybe later.

Graduation is on Saturday. That will be cool. Also, everyone needs to go to andrews site and listen to his radio pieces, they are really good and mary says he has a really great radio voice, and she is a big Dennis Kucinich fan so she liked that the piece was about him.

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