March 24, 2004


I can't believe i didn't mention how we did at nationals. We came in 2nd place overall, 3rd air rifle, and 4th place smallbore. We should have been 3rd overall, but Marta (at navy, mary's friend from highschool, shot for mcqueen) messed up her arm before smallbore and dropped 20 points and gave us the win. Really they are a better team than us, and they know it, but this time it just worked out in our favor. Just like the basketball stuff, kentucky may still be a better team than UAB, but when it comes down to just one game, it doesn't really matter. I shot the same score i have been shooting all season, 1144, which isn't bad but i can shoot a lot better and i should have shot better, but it is too late to fix that. Also, conviently that is (technically) my personal best, as well as mary's. We just choose to forget that time i shot an 1143 but then it got changed to an 1147 for some unexplainable reason (something about the grader using the wrong plug, but i don't buy that).

Ryan shot really well, 1178 on team day, and the highest standing smallbore of the match. Matt choked on individual day but found it on team day and really helped out. Everybody else shot pretty average, so that team is pretty strong for next year, since i am the only person leaving and i think ryan's brother can fill my spot pretty well. Kentucky was actually pretty nice this year, it didn't rain or anything.

Also, everyone is now a basketball fan here at UNR (oh wait, we aren't UNR anymore, we are the University of Nevada. they keep making a point of that, whatever) but i don't remember seeing many of these people at the games i went to. It is still really cool they made the sweet sixteen, i think they could beat georgia tech, not for sure, but it could happen, they are a good enough team. And if basketball does good, then all the sports benefit, so best of luck to them. Also, i guess we should root for Alabama, since that is where pete's sister is at (i think), so roll tide, and beat whoever it is you are playing. And i really need Duke to win it all to salvage any hope i have of winning my bracket here in the office. Lastly, Stanford and Kentucky, i hate you.

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