March 23, 2004

31 days of school left, but who's counting

Okay, so shooting is over, so i have a little more free time, but school is a lot of work, mainly two classes. Fluids is the most awesome class i have ever taken but it is also the hardest i have ever taken, which means it is probably my favorite class i have ever taken, it is just way beyond my level of understanding, kind of makes me not want to pursue aeronautical engineering or grad school in general. The other class is my senior design class. We have a working prototype of our automatic garage door opener for motorcycles and the response has been really positive, the school is helping us pursue getting a patent on the idea and maybe something will come of it, but maybe not. mainly it is sucking up the time i was going to use for running and climbing.

The weather here has been awesome but i think the plants are in for a suprise in a week or two, there are only two or three trees that i have seen that aren't starting to bloom, i think they know what is coming. I am really happy though because i have been able to go running now that the weather is decent (yes i admit it, i am only a fair weather runner). Hopefully i will be in decent enough shape to run a race or two and go train with TR and his long distance track team at Damonte Ranch High School.

No new news on the job, but i don't know if i should call and ask about it, i kind of figure that if it happens it happens, and if it doesn't well i had better find something else before too late. I will try to think of all the cool stories i was going to write about.

Oh yeah, i crashed on my bike today, and i am getting pretty sick of it, because of the last three or four times i have crashed, i have nothign to show for it, no blood, no bruises, no scrapes, the only thing that hurts is my pride. And then i have to wait a few minutes for everyone who saw me go down to cycle through so that i can get back on my way. It is getting so bad people don't even ask if i am okay because i think that they know of course he is physically okay, he just looks like an idiot, and i don't want to be seen asking an idiot if he is okay.

So i am not sure where that last part came from, but oh well.

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