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September 20, 2007

Bicycle Film Festival in San Francisco

So yesterday morning, a short 6 weeks after moving away from here, i flew back to San Francisco to attend the screening of my short movie in the Bicycle Film Festival. Interestingly enough, the return turned into a business trip of sorts, because i've been working for the BFF for the last 3 weeks. While in New York, i was busy doing administrative and promotional work, and now that i'm here i'm doing more promotions, as well as a bunch of other misc. tasks.
on being back in SF: i must admit, it's weird. the weather is perfect of course, and everything is familar. I run into people, and they don't even know i've moved away. and it's true, i love this city, and the time i spent here. but i'll be glad to get back to New York to continue working on building the new life i have out there. For now it's my great old friends, and scrambling to try and make this festival a successful one.

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September 12, 2007

photos from new york

Taken on Tuesday the 11th.

I'm still on the job hunt. quit one internship so far cause there wasn't enough for me to do, i'm working 2 days a week at the second one, and have interviews for 2 other different internships tomorrow. I've said it before, this city runs on unpaid internships. so annoying. oh well.
Other then that, things have been fun. Aaron Buskirk was in town for a bit, and Peter Benzinger is back in town from Africa. This last weekend we went out to Rockaway Beach two days in a row, went up to Queens on bikes, and did some nightime urban exploration as well.

here are some recent photos





Hope everyone is well.

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