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September 20, 2007

Bicycle Film Festival in San Francisco

So yesterday morning, a short 6 weeks after moving away from here, i flew back to San Francisco to attend the screening of my short movie in the Bicycle Film Festival. Interestingly enough, the return turned into a business trip of sorts, because i've been working for the BFF for the last 3 weeks. While in New York, i was busy doing administrative and promotional work, and now that i'm here i'm doing more promotions, as well as a bunch of other misc. tasks.
on being back in SF: i must admit, it's weird. the weather is perfect of course, and everything is familar. I run into people, and they don't even know i've moved away. and it's true, i love this city, and the time i spent here. but i'll be glad to get back to New York to continue working on building the new life i have out there. For now it's my great old friends, and scrambling to try and make this festival a successful one.

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