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June 29, 2006

On New York and the East Coast

i totally dropped the ball about updating this blog while i was on the east coast. excuses include:

1. i was really excited and happy to see all my old and newish friends out there, and my family who lives there. i hadn't seen aaron and kristy for more than a year, and it was so fun to catch up. and i got to see kathy, who i hadn't seen in 5 and a half years. and a host of other good souls.

2. the lcd screen on my digital camera broke, which sucked because i had planned to take tons of photos, and ended up not taking many. On a happy note, i ended up ordering a new lcd screen from Canon while i was out there, and one afternoon aaron and i took the camera apart and replaced the broken screen with the new one. it took an hour and a half, and was probably my greatest technological triumph ever. i'm still gloating that i didn't have to buy a new camera.

3. i spent a ton of time out there trying to decide whether to move to new york or not. usually i can hammer out life decisions in a day or 2, but this one has left me puzzled. i'm trying to figure out what i'll end up regretting not doing less. does that make sense?

anyways, photos and vidoes, soon.

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June 06, 2006

Photos of Portland and Reno

2 weekends ago i went to a messenger race in Portland. it rained the whole time, but it was still great fun to tear around Portland on bikes with Drewish and company.








Then last weekend my mom came up to SF to pick up my brother Steve, who just got back from Paris, and then we all drove down to Reno. Reno was better then usual, the Spring weather was perfect for riding mountain bikes and for cruising the streets of my hometown at night.

Visiting Reno is like being immersed in a bubble of memories. everything i see reminds me of individual events that took place in my life, as well as rekindling the feeling of the whole of my time spent living there. It's alternately positive and negative, and quite surreal at times.






Tomorrow morning early i head out to New York. i'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and family and to riding bikes around big cities. Expect lots of photos. If you're an East Coaster, get in touch with me.

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