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May 21, 2006

summer travels

Being back in SF has been constructive. maybe that's why i haven't written in here in a bit. anyways, i've been back about a month and a half, living anew at the purple house. i worked for 2 and a half weeks at jetset couriers, my old job, because my ex co-worker john crashed his bike and broke his thumb real bad. it worked out well for me to make some money and to get back into bike shape. aside from that i've been video editing again a bit, i have a few projects in the works, including a parody movie trailer and some helmet cam bike craziness with my friend peter.


maybe the most exciting thing since i returned happened in reno. i went there a few weeks ago to visit friends and family and to go mountain biking. while at my friend eric carter's house, i saw a nice steel road bike leaned up against a bookshelf in his living room. smitten, i asked who it belonged to, and he said that his boss at the bike shop was selling it. i hopped on it and it didn't take but a lap around the block for me to decide to buy it. for a custom steel racing frame, Ultegra 9 speed group, Chris King Headset, brand new Mavic Ksyrium wheelset, and other sweet components, i paid a mere 500 bucks, which seems like the deal of the century. since i got it back to SF i've only been on 2 road rides to Marin, but i feel myself turning into a "roadie," minus the spandex of course.
My old roommate simon wants to sublet my room for the month of June, which is going to help out a ton financially, since i'm gonna be traveling around the U.S. until mid July. first i'm going to portland for this coming weekend, then i come back to reno to have my mom come and visit, then my brother steve flies in, and the three of us are gonna hang out in SF for a bit, then head back to reno. i'm gonna hang out in reno with steve for 5 days, and visit friends and family and with luck be able to mountain bike every day. then on the 8th i'm flying to New York to visit friends and my aunt freddi. while i'm out there i plan to take the chinatown bus over to philly, and Buzzard, Kristy and I are gonna drive their car up to Ithaca to visit my cousin. i fly home on the 27th of june, and then turn around a week and a half later to fly out to chicago for a week for my cousin JJ's wedding. After that, i'm gonna try to find a cheap ticket to visit my grandma in New Mexico, and then i'll return to SF, probably broke and looking for a job. i'm really excited to get out there and visit everyone, especially aaron and kristy who i haven't seen in almost a year and a half.

here are some photos I've taken recently. enjoy!








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May 01, 2006

May Day protest photos and Video!

today was May 1st, International day of Labor. there were 100,000 people in the streets in SF, protesting Bush's draconian, unrealistic, and just plain dumb plans for "border security" and worker visas. Living in SF is so rad, you don't run into any redneck hillbillies spouting zenophobic, jingoist rhetoric. plus there are protest clowns!

Note: Adding this video i made about the Critical Clowns! i'm all about exclamation points these days!







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