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May 17, 2005

San Francisco, California (may the circle be unbroken)

my time in reno was spent falling back in love with my bicycles, visiting as many old friends as i could and only missing out on seeing a few, becoming better friends with carter and trying to keep up with the 2 faced monster that is daveo when he's drinking, riding out to my mom's house and getting to hang out with her, her husband, and her myriad of animals who endeavored to shed all over my clothes and face. much time was spent as well hanging out with my father, who continues to work too hard even though stepmom Jane and i admonish him at every available opportunity to slow down. sadly, he does not. i had my first opportunity trad climbing with mr. springer, who has progressed beyond me and did a fine job explaining the intricacies of placing pieces of protective climbing gear in cracks up on beautiful donner summit. the road biking on my track bike made me so very happy, and i had 3 good mnt bike rides on old trails that i know and love a lot.
at times i wondered why when i left reno i had animosity for a city so nicely set amidst excellent outdoor sites, and at other times i craved badly to be away from so much familiarity and cringy memories.
now i am back in San Francisco, California. the first evening i was tired and wondered if i had made the wrong decision, and then i spent yesterday at ocean and baker beach, hanging out with 2 friends who are soon leaving for the summer, and i managed to make a new friend named damien. it was beautiful and the city quickly draws me back in.

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