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May 27, 2005

movement and packing

i'm sitting in the living room at the purple house, looking at my clothes and junk piled in the corner. i've only been back here a short time, but within days i was clued into the goings on of all my friends. One of the weirdest things about being in this city for this week and a half was not having a job. during the day most friends were working, so i had time to do some things i had always wanted to but was too busy to find time for. i also did a lot of old comfort things, like riding my bike through the park and getting burritos downtown. i hung out with nessa a ton, which i knew i would and greatly enjoyed. she's on tour now with the international noise conspiracy for a week, sounds so fun.
so alongside catching up with megan and all the rest of my friends, kelsey forbes from philly happened to be out here for a few days, so we've been hanging out. yesterday i went with her, her cousin, her ma, and her grandma to see the universe within, which is billed as "an educational exhibit comprised of actual human bodies and organs that have been preserved using a method known as plastination." Looking at actual preserved human corpses in various states of disection was an experience i had been looking forward to for years since if first heard of the exhibit, though at times it was hard to believe that the muscle, bones, organs and veins in front of me had been living breathing people. if anyone is coming to the city i highly recommend checking it out, the most impressive example is a man who's had nothing removed except all of his skin, which is hung from a clothes hanger he's holding in his outstretched hand. pretty amazing.
tonight we're gonna ride critical mass, then meet eric carter and company at the great american music hall to see old crow medicine show, before they drive maggie and kelsey to sacto and me all the way back to reno. i fly to new york again on monday, so i get one weekend of visiting friends and folks in reno before i jet off again for cross country adventures with cousin mikey. as mikey and i joke, it's a tough life these days.

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