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November 15, 2004

things are so good now

so i woke up on this monday morning thinking about how i'm about to buy a ticket out of the country, set to leave in a month and a half. in so many ways it seems ridiculous to leave now, i wonder why i'm going. after living here for more then 7 months, i have an amazing array of friends, a good supportive household, a job i find challenging and opportunities for other jobs that would be much better, and i'm hanging out with someone i really like. just yesterday, we had punk rock breakfast, then went and played soccer in the park and generally screwed around on this big grassy field in the temperative weather, then i went and hung out with nessa, then gorged myself at a vegan potluck, stayed up late playing this group game called mafia till late at night at a new squat near my house that my friends opened up. things are really good.
but then i think about the road, and all the other countries i haven't seen, and how i promised myself i'd do and see as much as i could while i was younger and unshackled with loans or responsibilities, and i remember that i have to go. it's gonna be so hard to leave here, i feel pretty confident that i'll be back, but coming back after absence leaves a place never the same.

check out this listing of the honorable mention i won in the nevada press awards. pretty cool.

one tragic news item is that the ol dirty bastard is dead. i poured malt liquor out the second story window on hearing of this lamentable occurance.

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November 06, 2004

call me the conspiracy theorist

so i read this article by Greg Palast, then i read this article by Thom Hartmann. Then i thought about how all the exit polls appeared to have been so far off, and how that's never happened before. Then i thought about the paid republicans who went to the polling locations specifically to challenge and intimidate minorities trying to vote. And i thought about the 2000 election, in which The media called it one way then called it another. I had such a bad feeling on election night, when the republican spokesperson came out and said bush had won, before all of the ballots had been counted. it all felt so staged and fake to me, like true democracy was being pushed aside. how could the republicans have 8.5 million new voters? i've read the evangelicals only accounted for 4 million. i don't believe the republicans won the election.
read the above articles, and think about it yourself. maybe you'll think it was all above board, but maybe you'll end up agreeing with me. at least read the articles.

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November 03, 2004

what the fuck, america?

seriously, what the fuck?

in other news, who do we feel the most sorry for?

1. john kerry and john edwards
2. our democratic friends who traveled to swing states
3. women who will need abortions after the supreme count outlaws it
4. those poor fuckers in fallujah, cause they're about to die

if i had no morals, i'd take all my money and sink it in halliburton.

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