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November 06, 2004

call me the conspiracy theorist

so i read this article by Greg Palast, then i read this article by Thom Hartmann. Then i thought about how all the exit polls appeared to have been so far off, and how that's never happened before. Then i thought about the paid republicans who went to the polling locations specifically to challenge and intimidate minorities trying to vote. And i thought about the 2000 election, in which The media called it one way then called it another. I had such a bad feeling on election night, when the republican spokesperson came out and said bush had won, before all of the ballots had been counted. it all felt so staged and fake to me, like true democracy was being pushed aside. how could the republicans have 8.5 million new voters? i've read the evangelicals only accounted for 4 million. i don't believe the republicans won the election.
read the above articles, and think about it yourself. maybe you'll think it was all above board, but maybe you'll end up agreeing with me. at least read the articles.

Posted by bendan at November 6, 2004 06:51 PM

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