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April 04, 2004

friends in Portland

it's sunday morning, i'm in drew's little apartment, waiting for drew and krista to come back over here from her house so we can go climbing. it's been a lot of fun being up here, can't believe i hadn't made it up in the year i've been back from my latin american trip. i hung out with billy spaceman 2 nights ago over in the northwest of the city, really good to see him, he seems so happy to be here, he just got his oregon drivers license, and says he has no interest in moving back to reno, especially since his folks don't even life there anymore. i know i'm not making an error moving to s.f., but still there are a lot of unknowns, so it made me happy to see someone do a city move and flourish in it.

also get to meet some of drew's new friends, i really like meeting friends of my good friends, cause you know in advance they'll be good people. the coolest person i've met is nick from n.y., who went to school in savannah with the chapterhouse kids in reno. he's a videogame animator, and as luck would have it, he's moving to s.f. at the end of the month, so i'll have even more new friends down there.

we've all been doing a lot of hanging out, eating in good restaurants, drinking beers, and walking around the city. i remember my friend jenny andersen saying of portland that she wished she liked it just a little more, i think cause she would then consider moving here. i feel the same, on the way up i was hoping i wouldn't get here and decide that i'd prefer to be here as opposed to s.f., but after hanging out up here, i'm really excited about moving ot the bay area. i'm sure i'll be up here visiting, but i think i'm making the right choice. my biggest disappointment is that i won't be living in the same city as drew, but tickets from oakland up to here are 100 bucks round trip, so i promised myself i'd be up, plus he and krista seem down to come visit the crew in s.f.

tonight we're going zoobombing, i could preface it but instead i'll describe it later. tomorrow i get back into reno at 11 or so, then off to the editing room with owen, then i go into hyper pack and get ready mode. i'll see as many reno friends as i can, then i'll be gone.

so i was gonna write something on here about how i'm surprised and think it's strange what's been in here after reading over the kinds of stuff i've been writing in the last month or so. i guess some of the stuff i'm putting up here would better serve me in my own private journal or in letters, though sometimes it felt like this was the best or only way to get those thoughts across. in truth the first bit of this year, aside from the israel trip, has been not that great for me. and i hold myself accountable for the majority of that. so now i'm moving and really excited about it, and i hope i'll soon be writing about good new adventures and friends. i'm still feeling bummed at times, more then i'd admit, but slowly it's getting better, and i have my friends to thank for a bunch of that, cheering me up and listening to me try and figure stuff out. i felt so shitty when shannen and i broke up because i'd lost my best friend, but i've realized that i have tons of really good friends who've always been here for me, and always will be. so thank you again to all my friends.
ok, enough sappyness, man, that's what i was talking about getting away from earlier.

so had a good talk with billy from the reno chapterhouse kids, he's moving up here to go to art school. we got to talking about jawbreaker, about our favorite songs and all that stuff. it spurred me to start working on a list of songs about drinking after a breakup, just for fun of course. there are tons out there of course, right now i can only think of "kiss the bottle" by jawbreaker, "polar opposites" by modest mouse, and "tell your brother" by the murder city devils, of course. please throw some comments with other songs, i'd dig that.

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Hey, I gave you bad info, Sarita graduates on the 5th at 8 PM. Dinner on me either before or after. Enjoy SF, celebrate, have fun, don't do anything I wouldn't, etc. Love, Jane

Posted by: Jane at April 6, 2004 03:43 PM

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