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November 02, 2003

on having favorite things, and a link to one of my favorite pomes as a reward for reading the former

actually decided to just post the poem, letter to the dead by Affonso Romano DeSant'Anna, portuguese.
if you want look at the extended entry, it was inspired i guess you could say from a conversation last night in which we were talking about favorite music and stuff like that and i got to questioning how i think about music.
it's a little nerdy.

i'm a qualifier, that is, when it comes to what i like, i.e. music, books, films, i like to order them, determine which is the best one. for some reason i think this is more a boy thing then a girl thing.
i'm not questioning the practice now, these mental top ten lists are a joy in some ways, but i do wonder about my "running count," which is a term used in blackjack when you are counting cards and attempting to the beat the house, but it fits here and sounds cool to me as well.
in ranking, i have a current favorite band, a favorite band of this year, and an all time favorite band. these are by no means all that makes up my music category, and in saying that i hear myself starting to sound geeky, so let me remind that i am but a minor player compared to folks i know that could rattle off their desert island top 20 without a pause. though i'm not sure this digression warrants it's own paragraph, i will gift it with one.
because want i was going to say is about how much this music means to me, and how when a new record comes out i feel almost a disloyalty if it supercedes a previous one, and about my theory that the first record you love by a band new to you will always be your favorite, and i know this is goofy sounding and prayer to culture but then, it does matter, much.

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