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November 05, 2003

dropped aaron and Matt of in S.F., then read this funny interview

we headed out at 12, stopped in berkeley and got long life veggie house, the long life veggie pork was so good, though matt thought it weird, the whole fake meat phenomenon. then we cruised into s.f., aaron navigated and matt called out when it was clear to change lanes, and we made it to the fillmore. they unloaded their bikes, shouldered their packs, and headed over to try and sneak into the show. i'm jealous in a way, they're making a go of living in that city starting from nothing, cold call style. brave.
then i drove back and steve had stitches in his head from a bike crash, his first stitches, how cute. like brother, like brother, damn spazzes both. i haven't had stitches in almost a year, knock on wood!
steve pointed me to this modest mouse interview from '96, funny shit, back before they were rockstars, just drunken druggie lamers. read it, it's funny as hell.

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