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April 07, 2003

poor forgotten afghanistan

had a long talk with my old boss mark the other day, about the war and what's going on. he pointed out that the bush administration has already committed itself to a plan that would, optimally for them, cause a "domino effect" of democracy throughout the middle east, starting with iraq, then leading to iran, syria, and perhaps our favorite puppet saudi arabia. now mark didn't express full confidence in this plan, but he seemed to feel that if it does work then the world will be a better place for it, or at least that less terrorism will strike the u.s.
now i oppose the war for a number of reasons, i.e. that our austensive reason for attacking iraq, to "free the iraqis," plays second fiddle to to other concerns, such as oil and settling old scores. i also feel that our neo-colonialism will do more to incure the wrath of terrorists then it will to root them out and finish them off.
and when i loaded up salon.com today, what did i find but an article about the mess that afghanistan has dissolved into. in this article i read about a red cross worker who was executed by the order of a taliban that is reconstituting itself as we speak.
now when was the last time you heard anything about afghanistan in the mainstream news? i can hear mark's arguement that afghanistan has money that we've gifted them, that it was up to karzai to sort everything out afterwords, and that we've done more then any other nation to help them out. in a sense i agree that we've helped a lot, but it feels like we are leaving them in the lurch. i fear that before to long we will be hearing reports of a taliban: the revenge that will give us cause to go back into that poor fucking country for some more half-assed world cowboying. and if this is our track record of helping nations after we bomb them, then soon it will be poor forgotten iraq, and maybe poor forgotten iran, and syria, and north korea, ect..

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